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I am actually surprised to find it took so long for this confession to come public. There are however, and sadly so, an equal lack of male responses. Your views are NOT the exclusive domain of Females but so very accepted if a Male would have confessed to such needs. Over the past number of years, I have become more and more aware that men are SEVERALLY INSECURE in their sexuality and making matters worse, Females have deposited into that bank of insecurity with their societal learning that a man’s sexual security is in fact their responsibility.

The idea that a “MAN” is solely responsible for the satisfaction of a Female’s climaxing is rooted in a long established puritanical indoctrination. In an effort to fulfil this far too often insecurity in Males, Females have been sacrificing their JOY with, “yes that was most satisfying” or any number of other untruths. God forbid a woman should dare to want more after her man has done HIS JOB.

To ensure that Females abide by the “once and done” puritanical bedroom unwritten laws, we have developed words to discourage females for speaking of any such desires if they are not to be considered a
“nymphomaniac lover”,
“Slot wife”
and any other rather disgusting socially unacceptable names to ensure she maintains her responsibility of “once and done”.

So beside the shame so many of us, both males and Females, feel from masturbating, carried over from our childish doctrines of things either
falling off,
You going blind,
the sinful act of spilling your LIMITED SEED onto the unholy ground
and only “God Knows” the many other stupid, hateful, insensitive, naively senseless things we were told; an unsatisfied bedroom partner must now also face the shame of the adult world’s list of shameful labels. So it is very clear why such things are never spoken of.

Fact may be, as in your other respondent's claim, (needing more than one man) I do think that sexual satisfaction comes from BOTH the act of physically engaging and the internal mental, fantasy of one’s own IDEAL thoughts and imagination, thus self satisfaction. Yes, it is quite possible for some Females, another Male would be just right but that could just as easily be another Female for the Male in the same situation.

I think your article is a truly a honest break through in TRUTH and should be applauded for sharing. The entire “once and done” mentality should be considered long dead and buried. It’s replacement needs to be at least “once with you” and then any number of others with myself. (smiles) For more adventurous interactions I will leave for other more experienced writers to share.

“Loving you is my responsibility, your happiness is yours”

Thank you for sharing



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