How To Love The Very Worst Of Your Human Relationships~


Xavier Sotomayor @goodboyshady

comes with no easily read instructions. It comes most times in the
silence of understanding, never a word spoken.

comes in every language yet demands of us to scream out in the
most unspeakable of mannerism.

demands nothing of us except its acceptance

demands ownership of everything about us with its endless
demand for replenishment.

asks only one thing of us and that is to keep nothing for ourselves.

is the container in which we deposit ourselves, some for shielding
others for revealing

And what we are is everything that we are not when measured against
those things that we are. Being yourself demands of you to be , the
Compassion, the Pain, the Truth, the Hate, the Life container; and at all
times shielding ourselves from Hate, while revealing ourselves to the Truth.
Be compassionate to ourselves and love generously, boldly and
absolutely blindly.




Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)

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