Highways And Bullet Trains!


Janis Ian [1978]

Keep your champagne and your Johnnie Walker Blue
Keep your parties where the tickets are cheaper by the two’s
Smoke your bong, blow a tube, run a line or ingest the finest of wines
When in quick pursuit of things to make you happy
None of which will ever truly satisfy
Be it girlfriend or be it wife
The time has arrived to get back to being high on life

Stop texting me every second fearful of my being free
Stop calling me just to ease your insecurity
I am so loving the stories of letters that were penned
by the appreciation of back then
Wishing to have been part of the memories of grandparents
having shared a good time on the value of a dime

Keep your super highways and bullet trains
Send me back to the place where our first nations walked the plains
Staring down from your skyscrapers concerned about your yearly plan
And I am here grounded within the joys of walking hand in hand
You have so very neatly package away our future
While Mother Nature weeps as we bleed out due to a lack of sutures

Take your Phd’s and your Masters
Teach those still capable of believing cause when
calling all patrons still standing at last call of Jack As-tors
The philosophers, the Philanthropist the Real Phd’s, the real Masters
And truth when spoken from the final drop of Spiritual Indoctrination
washes away all intellectual complication
Face to face we arrive again before the many distractions of civilization

I want to feel your face I want to feel the pain of missing you
I want to feel that storm on the horizon, my anxieties racing
like horses unbridled
I want to feel the earth’s heat beneath the nakedness of my feet
Stripped of your commercialization I can again breathe;
Deeply! Slowly! Enjoyably!
So keep your corporate race to populate
I want to satiate the in-gestation of a generation before exiting that gate
It was long ago and I have almost forgotten the many ways
In which we made it easy to say hello, easy to say, Stay don’t go
And life’s conversations would go on for endless days
Now it seems dreams are text not giving time to awake before its expected responses
And where it all ends Orwell did say some time ago, it ends badly
So let us rush back to our sanity, to our days of reality, to those times when movies were truly about the days of wine and roses`

Janis Ian [1978]
(At Seventeen)



Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)

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