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Attention Group Administrators and or Moderators.

We would like to take a brief moment here to fully unlock the wonderful opportunity that is being offered here.
At present time, you have various numbers of membership. You have a uniqueness about your group. You have been doing various social media sharing and some even doing a more focused direction of educating while informing each of events or issues of commonality.

Kindly NOTE: This is not exclusively for Group Admins and or Moderators. This is for anyone producing content. However groups are in a very excellent position to take quick advantage of this platform.

Do you realize that with you now have a very Powerful Media Platform not only to influence more effectively the changes so many have long spoken of, not only to more clearly share knowledge with your audience but most importantly YOUR GROUP GETS PAID!

We do not wish for you to change what you are doing. In fact it is best you do even more so of what you have been doing. What we would like to express to you clearly, your group can now have their OWN online TV program.

YOU GET PAID~ The revenues from commercials being shown during the broadcast of your Group’s TV Program are shared with you. And the most wonderful news of all, you do NOT have to get the advertisers. Yes you can forward that information if some wishes to advertise but it is NOT your worries.
Finally, There is NO COST to place your weekly or bi-weekly or even monthly Group’s TV program on the channel. You need only to submit your pre-recorded video programs and share the news with your audience. This is a Global access TV Channel. Your program will be accessible to all Apple devices, All Windows desktop devices, XBox, IOS, and soon All Android devices. It is estimated that your potential accessible reach will be in the numbers of 3.5 BILLION…yes with a “B”.

As a group we need to take a more serious look at this opportunity and take “ACTIONABLE STEPS” (#Actionablesteps) moving forward.
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Thank you

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