True love is like the morning’s air, bright crisp and clear.
True love is like the cool wind that blows after the most humid of days
True love is the feeling of hungry yet eating only makes it worst
True love is the sun in your eyes, the rain on your face, all before you have awoken

Second, third, all other loves are never the same, First loves are always to blame
But when you truly fall in love, you’ll forsake all others as if they never existed
You will be shamed to know you once spoke of the sweetest of lovers now forgotten
When you fall in love, no memory of others past remain, nothing ever to be the same

Having being in love you now wonder why, oh why, had it taken so long
Justify though you may, experience you say, required prior to this day
Still the truth reflects in your happiness your wasted years of lovers past
Politely they may ask, you’ll confess to their request of why
have you forgotten me so fast,

I have found my True love
I have found my only love
I have found my happiness
I have found my life’s best

In my youthful years I’ve mistaken what would last
With true love in my arms time has erased all past
In my bed love has resisted all temptations
But most of all in my heart I have found my salvation
And in my head all others are but a distant manifestation |

When you fall in love you know not how to explain
You know not why, nor even care, you just know
You breathe the same air, not the same kind, the very same
You can feel every time their heart skips a beat
You hear the instant a new thought appears

True love is the love you have before you
True love is the love that now adores you
True love at times may forsake you but
True love is the love that would never offend you
True love is the love that will forever be your first love


Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery" https://twitter.com/dropoutgorgeous

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