A piece of writing that reminds me about what is it about writing that I truly seek. No I do not agree with all your points of views and in fact strongly disagree with a few points.
However what I STRONGLY agree with are:
A) Writing in the silence of NO AUDIENCE but only for the true value of expressing one’s point of view

B) Writing unapologetic about YOUR LIFE and the shoes you walk in on a daily basis without having to constantly find the words that will make the NON AGREEING audience feel GOOD AND SOFT AND SAFE AND COMFORTABLE AND MOVING ON WITH LIFE SAME OLE SAME OLE…that is NOT writing that is simply trying not to be wrong so you can get along

C) Writing that forces the reader to ACT….be it in agreement or not…if that of course was its purpose as I belief it is. If the audience wishes to be comfortable, not be disturbed by your realities, be on vacation mood and not indulging in the Locals and their politics, then this is MEDIUM and so much variety, to be found.

Finally D) You being strong and proud to be YOU~
Congratulations, you are MY today’s writer of my day~

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