It is understood, in almost all traditional societies, that after surviving the unpredictable misgivings of puberty and the predictable transgressions of teenage indiscretions a young man’s coming into maturity, his Papillion, his release of all childish things, his final arrival is measured in his having accepted his role as a husband, father, friend, forsaking all others for the preservation of his Fidelity!!!

Opening scene. EPISOSE 1 [Fidelity]

Panning very slowly ….Darkened screen

Soundtrack playing sultry Jazz selection in the background…
listen here (sample only) as you read opening scene
Lhasa de Sela — Con toda palabra(live Montreal2009)

PAUL CARRINGTON (Voice over by Main Character) White Male with a
soft slightly baritone voice
It is understood, in almost all societies that after surviving the unpredictable misgivings of puberty;……..”


(Night) Tuesday Day 1 9:45pm
Very darkened bedroom. Only light visible comes from the moonlight penetrating in through the very sheer, wall to floor curtains.

(Voice over continues)
….and the predictable transgressions of teenage indiscretions,…….”

Panning around the room slowly

We see the silhouette of a male and female, both naked, in the rapture of love making, heated, yet while we can hear them no clear distinction can be made to identify their individual voices and or faces.

(Voice over continues)
…….a young man’s coming of maturity, his Papillion…..,”

Zoom in closer on the couple’s silhouettes on the bed:

their nakedness partially obscure by the bed sheet’s poor effort at covering their exposure. We see the increased rhythmic movement of their physical intertwine as their bodies beckon to be freed from their sexual energy free of inhibitions

(Voice over continues) as the music plays in the background
……his release of all childish things, his final arrival, is measured in his having accepted his role as husband, father, friend, forsaking all others for the preservation of……”

Panning the room first on the discarded clothing on the floor then back to:

a very darkened outline of two figures heaving, alternatively relaxing only to again heave with noticeable animated movement leading to the sounds of their sexual release. Their release is first signaled by the female closely followed by the that of male

(Voice over continues)
……his Fidelity!”

As their movement subsides, the background Jazz sound is increased inversely in volume to that of the lover’s until it finally silences all lingering residual sounds of their love making. The song’s actual soundtrack of the listening audience clapping in appreciation of the musician’s beautifully soulful voice comes as if they too were showing their appreciation for the couple’s performance, then silence!

and panning away from the bedroom until no longer visible then dark………

(EARLY MORNING) Wednesday Day 2 7:30AM
outside a very light rain is falling
Camera zooms in from outside into through a large Kitchen window…..

….inside is a well lit, fully furnished and equipped kitchen. The back profile of a female is visible standing in the kitchen, facing the stove, cooking. The kitchen has its main seating area at an already set for dinning, circular table just slightly off center room. Dividing the kitchen dining area from the stoves and other electrical appliances is an upright narrow center counter complimented with 3 high bar stools perfectly spaced for comfort.

PAUL CARRINGTON (Voice over continues)
“With the birth of each new morning so too is the opportunity to wash away the sins of sleep and begin anew~”

Madison Carrington (wife of Paul)
A full bodied, naturally attractive woman with an extremely pleasant disposition is seemingly just a bit more noticeable on this particular morning. Ancestry of African, First Nations indigenous of North American Indian and a trace of Irish by way of her great grandparents. She is a dark haired mother of 3 children Kaitlyn 21, Michael 17, Liam 12

The female that was standing in front of the stove cooking, Madison Carrington, now walks from the stove side of the counter carrying a cup of coffee, a plate with 2 well done eggs, two slices of toast and a small freshly sliced tomato. She moves towards the main eating table and sets it down on one of the open settings at the table.

Madison Speaks: loudly
…..honey, your breakfast is on the table.

The Kitchen is quickly made busy as if participants had been awaiting their queue of mother’s voice triggering their entrance.
Liam is the first to enter the kitchen, he is dressed for school with shirt un-tucked, hair clearly not having giving any attention and moving like bed would still be his first option over breakfast.

Liam: speaking without energy
…..good morning mom

….good morning sweetheart. Sit I will have your breakfast in a minute

Liam moves to the table and takes his chair.

Phone can be heard ringing in the background.

Madison calls out
……Honey~ You are going to be late if you don’t get here now~ and could you please answer the phone.

Madison (speaking out loudly to herself)
“I do not know why folks feel the need to call so early when there are no emergencies.”

….But maybe it is mom!

…It is not, trust me!

Cue to Paul Carrington
upstairs hallway moving to pick up potable phone sitting on table inside his bedroom

Paul answers the phone

Cue back to Kitchen activities while seeing the movement in the
kitchen we are hearing
(Voice over)
“Life is made happy with the predictability of routines.”

Entering the Kitchen we see a smartly dressed young lady arriving with a direction of purpose as she heads directly to the container of coffee. Cup of coffee in hand she speaks

….good morning mom

..good morning sweetheart

Paul (Voice over) still we are seeing the kitchen’s activities
It is the simply routines that have been ingrained into our very psyche to prepare us for the constant grinding of paying bills, buying more services than we need only to repeat the very routine of paying our bills over and over endlessly”.

Michael (Enters the kitchen)
He is smartly put together. His buttoned down shirt extending below his waistline is accessorized with a decorative stoned washed jean sleeveless jacket and baggy dress pants with a waist to pocket silver chain.

….good morning mom

good morning sweetheart, did you rest better last night?

Madison’s questions reference to Michael’s (lately) inability to rest a full night without having to awake for the bathroom.

Cue in on Paul (still upstairs preparing for his day)
he is at the mirror in the bathroom, making the final motivational speech to the single member audience in the mirror, (a regular part of his morning’s routine)

Paul (Voice over speaking out to himself)
“Today I am off to pay more bills”.

Cue back to Kitchen

Madison is sitting at the center counter sipping her coffee accompanied at the high table by Kaitlyn. While Liam and Michael are both seated at the Kitchen’s round table; Liam having cereal, his brother, beacon and toast, no eggs and both respecting the open placement where Madison had earlier placed Paul’s breakfast.

Cue in on Paul
as he arrives at the kitchen’s entrance and heads directly to his wife

…..Good morning sweetheart

He gives her a light kiss on the lips as he turns and notices his breakfast he again responds to her

“Thanks honey!”

Paul then moves to Kaitlyn puts his arm around her and ever so gentle squeezes her into him

…..Good morning sweetie

Paul now turns his attention to both boys sitting at the table as he walks to his awaiting breakfast at the table

…..Good morning Gentlemen~ Did you both rest well!!

….. I am still sleeping

……that has nothing to do with the night or day you are always asleep….

…and you are always stupid…so what

…Liam please do not speak to your brother in that manner and for heaven’s sake, Michael would it kill you to be nice to your brother to start the day

….Sweetheart Marianne called this morning and said she missed you at your sessions last night.,,

Pan camera to face of Kaitlyn.
Kaitlyn’s expression of concern directly related to her Dad’s Message to her mom

Madison, noticeably, showing but the slightest moment’s hesitation before responding with..

….I was just not feeling like a workout last night so I took myself to have a quiet coffee and read a book

Paul (Voice over)
“It has long been said “when at first we try to deceive” that bed we make for others should also be made with our own comfort in mind…….”

….ok Honey but you should at least call her

Madison took the opportunity to let it go by not offering any further response: allowing instead the slightly uncomfortable moment to escape from itself with Paul’s next continuance..

….by the way, you guys please remember we are having a small get together this Saturday and it would be nice if either or both of you are planning on being out, then be back here no later than 10pm please, that will give me an excuse for shutting it down early.

….so Dad you are using us as your excuse to kick out your friends early

….frankly, Yes! Further it is a family event and all the children are invited, so you will be right at home if you are all in attendance or at least be back here early

….That is sad when your parents can not manage their own friends they have to use their children and then expect us to manage our friends.

……why are you complaining, if not for Dad’s guest, you would have no friends

Laughter from both Madison as well as Kaitlyn…with a noticeable smile from Paul. While Liam is uncontrollable with laughter encouraged by the reaction of both is mother and sister.

Michael (clearly mimicking his mother’s earlier rebuff)
….””” Michael would it kill you to be nice to your brother to start the day””

Michael clearly moving towards Liam with some haste to hit him, as Liam scampers away screaming….

….no Friends, No Friends…No Friends..

…as a matter of fact mom, it will not kill me if I kill him first….

Both Madison, Kaitlyn now joined in by Paul laughing out rather heartedly

Zoom away from Kitchen back out the window with very brief Fade Out
The camera then fades in as it raises and now enters through upstairs Master bathroom

Cue in on Madison
Madison in the bathroom after breakfast having just exited the shower
She is wearing a short brightly coloured light rose and blue of high quality robe/
Her attention is focused on her doing her facial area for the day ahead. She is fidgeting with a medicine bottle but unclear as to what tablets are in the container due to lack of proper labeling or her inability to read the labeling, it is unclear as to which

Madison (Voice Over)
As she places two tablets on the counter and once again nervously closes and places the bottle inside the her personal pouch sitting on the bathroom counter

“I have finally become the very thing I cannot stand. Oh my god! Look at me! I’m a god dam body of insecure nerve endings, making even the inanimate things around me uncomfortable. I have become the dam drugged dependant housewife that is the basis for every single TV drama where life goes wrong.”


This time Madison picks up in the bathroom.


and then quickly with some noticeable urgency Madison calls out to the family or anyone within shouting distance.

….Guys I’ve got it,

Madison then returning to the phone call

…..Hello Marianne!

Voice of Marianne on the phone:
Hello my partner in crime, where were you last night, I waited and waited”

(white mixed Asian female)
Is a curator at a private Arts Gallery in town, a close confident of Madison Carrington

……Marianne you are not being fair. I did say, Maybe

…..Yes but I could have really used your support

…..I will make a serious effort to be there for the next one. How were they?

…. Charming! Is that a word one uses in this situation!! Well whatever, he was charming.

…..Ok Marianne we need to talk later, I’ve got to get ready for work ok.

…Thanks! Bye love


FADE IN (LATER MORNING Still Day 2) Wednesday Day 2 10:30 AM
The Sun has arrived from its hiding and now a very beautiful sunny day.

Madison Carrington
is the owner of a Technology Solutions Company, (Tech Solutions). Tech Solutions write programs for solutions to accounting, manufacturing as well as logistical solutions for the transportation and shipping industry. Tech Solution’s office is an open office concept design with six very spacious work stations managed by one controlling assistant stationed at the entrance. At the entrance sits, SIMON, a young attractive black male in his late mid thirties. In his compliment are the four males and two females occupying the six design stations.

Today is a critical day for Madison Carrington. Today is Tech Solutions’ opportunity to win the competition for a contract that could define the next two years of business. Failure to secure at least sixty percent of that new contract could result in possible closure of her firm.

Today will be her first meeting with Mr. Erick Walwynn, a renowned misogynistic, homophobic department head of the company Ross and Hunter’s contract submission department. If you want any business with Ross and Hunter, you must deal with Mr. Erick Walwynn and this was a contract that Madison Carrington’s firm desperately needed.

In addition to Simon of the employees presently seated in the you will need only to meet Sandra. Over time you will meet all but today only Sandra is important to this story.

Open Scene Monday Morning;


Madison Carrington’s office. Seated in the chair, in front of the office coordinator Simon, is a young female applicant seeking to fill a job opening as advertised.

Cue in on Madison Carrington,
Standing on the interior of the office looking out towards the Simon at reception

……Hello! You are here about the posting?

Young Female Applicant
……Yes Mrs. Carrington, I’m Sandra. We spoke on the phone last week

…Yes, of course. Forgive me, I am a bit unorganized this morning.

…Thank you, that is fine, hopefully me being here will help to change that

Smiling while looking in the direction of Simon.

……See Simon, this is the kind of applicants we seek.

…..Yes Mrs. C. Exactly what we are seeking

…..Simon please get us a couple of …

Turns to Sandra, and ask with a question in her voice,
,,,,,,,,Coffee or Tea?

……Coffee thanks

……Another good answer Mrs. C.

Both Madison and Simon laughs out while Sandra smiles nervously unsure of the joke

Realizing Sandra’s confusion explains

,,,,Once you work here it will be the Coffee that becomes your best friend

Cue into Madison’s office
where she is sitting with applicant Sandra

…..So Sandra I notice it says here your last place of employment was Ross and Hunter,
did you per chance know Mr. Erick Walwynn?

Sandra hesitates, whereas she was quick on previous answers, she lowers her gaze….
……Actually I worked directly for Mr. Walwynn until I left

Madison noticing the very visible change in demeanor went with sensitive response
Ok I am going to ask you two questions.

Sandra still exhibiting signs of having lost some confidence

…Did you compromise on the company’s business with a customer
Sandra having now regained her confidence responds
…NO!! Absolutely not

…Ok then. Did you steal from the company?

And again Sandra was high in confidence in her response

..No Mrs Carrington, I would never do anything like that.

…Ok then.

Madison take the phone off its hanger and puts it down beside its base, dials a couple digits
then comes a response

Simon responds on the Madison’s private intercom
….Yes Mrs. C

…please come in and show Sandra around the office and do your checking of her credentials and assurances

…Gladly Mrs. C.

…And Simon, did you have to go to Brazil for those coffees?

…Yes Mrs. C and they are as fresh as just picked

Madison then turns to Sandra
…See why I love him
….Well if your details holds up as expect they will, Welcome to Tech Solutions

Sandra wide smile, gets up to shake Mrs. Carrington’s hand
…Thank you so very much for this opportunity Mrs. Carrington

…Do not thank me, Show me ok

Fade Out

FADE IN (LATER MORNING Still Day 2) Wednesday Day 2 11:45 AM

A tall White Gentleman enters the office, accompanied by a young lady. The Gentleman addresses Simon

…..I am here for Madison!

..Good morning and who should I say is here?

Just tell her11:00 o’clock is here

Simon. Unable to help himself takes a quick, noticeable, look at his wrist time piece
but without any further simply responds

….I will let her know right away

As Simon moves towards the inner office he notices, that the Female assistant accompanying the Gentleman, ever so slightly, shock her head in disapproval of her bosses rude behaviour
Simon smiled back at her.

Cu in Madison’s office door opens. Simon, holding onto the door’s handle opens it and announces sarcastically but only for the ears of Mrs. C

Your 11:45 is here as a replacement of your 11:00 o’clock who was unable to make it

…Simon, he has us over a barrel please we need to roll with this one.

….I know Mrs. C but just had to get that needle in him. Never have I seen such and arrogant man

Simon returns to the office reception just a few strides ahead of Mrs. C and sits without a word spoken to the Gentleman.
Madison enters immediately follow and acknowledges the Gentleman by his name

….Good Morning Mr. Walwynn

…..Just call me Erick, Madison.

….Ok Erick. Would you like some Coffee or Tea, perhaps something cold?

…Coffee, large 3 sugars and two creams

Erick then continues to introduce his assistant but not by her by her name

Erick as if done as an afterthought
….Oh, this is my assistant for today,

he says as he points to the Female standing just a foot behind and off to his side
and again Simon shakes his head in silent disgust

Madison recognizing Erick’s inappropriate introduction, follows politely
….Please to meet you, I am Mrs. Carrington

Then turning to Simon Madison responds

..Simon could you kindly see what our guest are having and have it brought into the board room thanks

However this time upon responding, Simon’s usual casual name for his employer was formalized as yet another sign of his defiance of Erick Walwynn.

…Yes Mrs. Carrington, right away

Cue Mrs. Carrington, Mr. Erick Walwynn and his Assistant passing the work station of Sandra on their way to the boardroom meeting

I am so very glad to see you landed on your feet Sandra,,,

But Sandra smiled nervously but did not respond

Madison, most diplomatically
…Yes she has become a very valued part of our team here at Tech Solutions. We wish to thank you for all that you taught her

Fade away and fade back in on Mr. Walwaynn exiting the area of the work stations at the conclusion of his meeting with Mrs. Carrington.

…Nice to have seen you again Sandra

This time however Sandra responds with limited politeness

….Thank you Mr. Walwynn

As the pair exits the front door of Tech Solutions, Simon did manage to make one final eye contact with the Female assistant and they both smiled.

The inter office phone at Simon desk rings

…..Yes! Where? Oh No!

Simon, with some frantic urgency hangs up and then just as quickly dials and waits for a response from the other end of his phone call

….Mrs. C?
…..You had best get to the woman’s bathroom urgently, Sandra is not well.

Cu to Madison entering the woman’s bathroom……
On the floor in an incontrollable cry, being supported by another female co-worker, sits Sandra

Madison, signals to the female co-worker to leave and close the door behind her.
Madison lowers herself to the floor and just holds Sandra while she cries uncontrollably

Whatever it is, just let it out. You do not have to speak, just let it all out. I am not going anywhere

Sandra rolls over onto Madison’s lap, they are both now seated on the bathroom floor as Madison gentle rocks Sandra in an effort to console her.

Cut to Erick in his car with his assistant

….So are we still on for tonight? You know you have been doing very well and I would hate to lose you

Female assistant, looks away, showing signs of shame……takes a few seconds

Female Assistant
….I would not want to lose this job either Sir. I remember we are on for tonight

Erick with a smile on his face as if he has won a bet
…That’s my girl

As we hear the voice over by Paul Carrington the Camera takes a bird’s eye view of the Village of ERINDALE LOCKIEBE
As the camera travels over ERINDALE LOCKIEBE we see its landscape and unique attractiveness

PAUL (Voice Over)
We move to ERINDALE LOCKIEBE many decades ago. It offered us then an affordable place to raise our children. It also was and still remains, a place that time forgot in the race to develop big cities. Many homes in ERINDALE LOCKIEBE have been designated as heritage homes. ERINDALE LOCKIEBE is landlocked between the Credit River to its west and to his North, East and South all majour thruways that bypasses the serenity of ERINDALE LOCKIEBE.

Many have arrived here to grow their families, some to bury their multi checkered past. Still others long arrived like a thief in the night awaking to join the family of strangers that ask no questions but if asked offer no answers.
ERINDALE LOCKIEBE has proven to be a very safe place for our families and once you have been embraced by this family no one or nothing from afar will be allowed in to disturb our peace.

End of EPISODE 1