Fade in EIPODE 4

The camera is showing historically relevant action and images of a slave plantation as the story below is being narrated.

Hellen Sheppard
(Voice Over Spoken with a Caribbean accent)

There are lots of stories being told about our little county of Erindale Lockiebe but none to be exact as only our ancestors know its truth. During the times when slavery produced more economically than the combined revenues of mining, shipping and manufacturing of all goods sold, not all white people were at peace in their hearts with the cruelty and or the inhumanity. Not all whites isolated their humanity along the lines of justice that divided Blacks from Whites.

The then youngest son, Erin, of the Lockiebe plantation, from as young an age as he could remember never separated himself from the slave children of his age. As the young slave boys and girls provided a well needed distraction for young Master Erin Lockiebe, his parents took no interest of a negative nature towards his association. What grew from their dismissal was a growing affection for a most beautiful young slave girl, Dale, that got the privilege of being the house slave, thanks in part to Erin’s doing. As it came to past, Mr. Lockiebe Sr. had traveled well beyond his fields to engage in some hunting of wild meat.

When he failed to return home that evening, concerns were raised however it was not unusual for him to have stayed overnight but always would be home on the horizon at the earliest of sunrise. By 11 AM a search party was sent out to find him. As darkness fell the news was not good and hope began to fade with any expectations of his safe return. Two days the search party went out and two days they returned void of any joy for his family. On the third day, the then 18 year old Erin suggested that perhaps they were heading out in the wrong direction due the migration of the animals his father was known to hunt. But his young, inexperienced voice only angered the already frustrated family and many of the searchers.

On the night of the third day, the search party having returned yet again empty handed Master Erin made what would prove to be a life changing decision. With the help and companionship of the father of the young his affection, Dale, they packed and prepared four horses. With one horse carrying supplies, the 4th horse was saddled with hope. They headed out before sunrise of the 4th day. They headed in the direction Erin had suggested. Despite the fact that the decision to act was solely Erin’s, when his siblings awoke to find him gone and having done so accompanied by Dale’s father, their anger was immediately felt with the removal of Dale from the home and placing her back to work in the fields.

Further the mother and younger brother of the young slave girl, Dale, were threatened that if any harm should fall upon young Master Erin, their skin would pay the price owed. On the morning of the 5th day Mr. Lockiebe Sr. accompanied by his son Erin and Dale’s father all rode back onto the plantation. While Mr. Lockiebe Sr. had some visible cuts and bruises he was in remarkable good spirits and more importantly good health upon his return.

One very surprising thing kept the incident in the minds of all those except the two man search party, as Mr. Lockiebe Sr. had given very STRICK instructions, no one will speak a word of where he was found and what happened. He offered his young son Erin, as a gift for having saved his life, one thing of his choice and it would be granted. His son requested the right to marry Dale. Despite the Dale’s to the plantation house duties, as a token of thanks it would then take more two years before Mr. Lockiebe Sr. finally publicly made the statement that he will be granting Erin his wish. In addition and as his way of saying thanks to her father, he was giving the family their freedom as Dale’s wedding gift.

Needles to say, Erin’s siblings and mother were absolutely against it but they did not have the power to go against Mr. Lockiebe’s wishes. Many attempts by both Erin’s mother along with his sister and two older brothers to disrupt all efforts at planning for a wedding date did not prevent from the arrival of Erin’s wedding day. Mr. Lockiebe was equally determined not to have his words be disrespected because he knew a peaceful plantation slave population would be a profitable and productive. Still what made things moved quickly in the final month prior to the wedding date was the Mother and siblings behaving in a manner that they would do nothing further to prevent the wedding.

The day arrived and celebrations were well received. Many of the other plantation owners who at first were up in arms had recently retreated from their stoned heart position and offered their peaceful respect by attending the festivities. The wedding was even agreed to be done half in Dale’s ancestor’s tradition, the other in Erin’s. That would see the bride completely veiled during the formal services. The Groom in the company of his Right Hand Man Attendant would quickly change and regroup in time for the Bride’s unveiling after the formal service.

At the conclusion of the formal service the groom and Bride’s family, along with the Bride would meet in the Fidelity Room for the special unveiling. Here they would perform the final act of their Fidelity whereby the bride would be unveiled for the first time, closed only to family before presenting the newly married couple to the awaiting guest.

On the evening of the wedding Mr. Lockiebe could not believe just how quickly he got so drunk but he was very happy for his son. The time came and Erin left with his Man Servant while his father, unable stand, was left in peaceful slumber at his table.

When it was time Erin’s mother and three siblings, along with Dale’s parents and her younger brother all moved to the Fidelity Room. Their guest continued to dance and celebrate awaiting the formal presentation of the new married couple. Dale’s wedding party finally arrived at the Fidelity room and Dale took her seat at the head table. The head table was prepared for her and Erin. They sat now and awaited the entrance of her Husband Erin.

Inside the Fidelity room, the Bride’s family sat a table off to the far corner of the room while the Groom’s family was seated directly in front of the main table, presently occupied by Dale alone. The room was poorly lit and made it difficult for Dale to see her parents and her veil did not help to make visibility any easier. The noise was so outside was so loud it was as if they had been celebrating in the Fidelity room with the wedding party.

What happened next is told by my ancestors and its truth will always be with us as we are the keepers of our history. Inside the poorly lit Fidelity room the masked men suddenly appeared. They had been hiding in the room all along. First they block any possibly exit for Dale. Next they locked the door in their effort to prevent Erin from entering upon his arrival. They tied up the Bride’s family and began beating them with whips and punches. Dale’s younger brother was beaten so badly that he lost sight in one eye that night and within less than one year later he succumbed to his injuries and died. Dale’s mother was raped in front of her husband and children by three of the masked men then they turned to Dale. One of the masked men mimicked her by saying,…
…we don’t need to see your nigger face so keep you fucking mask on.

They then tied her up, stuffed her mouth with a piece of clothing and returned to the party to the cheer of the other plantation owners and their families. Since the slaves were not allowed inside the festivities instead having to party on the outside, they mistook the cheering on the inside as the presentation of the new married couple and so they too began to celebrate. This was exactly the very plan of Erin’s mother and his siblings. This was the plan sold to the other plantation owners that won them over with false enthusiasm, the same plan that brought them to the festivities. Dale’s parents were taken in the back, whipped and tied on a tree to spend the night.

Come the morning, with the sobering of Mr Lockiebe, he was awakened by the screaming and tearful sorrowful noise from the outside. Entering the yard, still in his night garments, he witnessed the Bride tied to a tree, her blooded, tattered dress, her body exposed in the areas where the dress had been torn violently, veil still in place. There were clear brutal wounds to her vaginal area and the nipples of her breast were butchered off as if purposely done so with a jiggered edged instrument. At the other side of the yard, were the bodies of her mother and father were tied face to face on the opposite side of the same tree and her younger brother’s lifeless body lying on the ground. The physical brutality upon the bodies was unmistakable done with vengeance.

Mr. Lockiebe;
(Walks around the area looking at each body carefully)
Where is Erin?

But no one answered. He called his wife to the front along with the other children and again he asked

Mr. Lockiebe
The entire lot of you, I am asking you once more and you had better not let me ask it again
Where is my son Erin

Still no one responded. While they pondered the question and began quiet conversation with each other he then called his lead hand from the Slave’s quarters

Mr. Lockiebe
Do you know what happened to my son

Lead hand
No Mr.
We only saw them tied this early morning and him laying there on the ground but he is not dead.

Mr. Lockiebe
Get some help. Take her father and mother down and see who is alive and tend to their wounds. Pick up that boy there and see what you can do for him.
Get me some ladies out here and get my son’s Wife down from there.
Bring her inside MY GUEST HOUSE.

It is said, My Lockiebe may have been drunk for the night but the morning found a new man. A man on a mission, a man that none, not even his family had ever witness before.
it is said he then called his wife out in front of everyone

Mr. Lockiebe
You almost died giving birth to that boy. He loved you more than any one of these jealous, selfish money hungry jackals. He saved my life.
Now you had better tell me in short order,
Where is my son!

By now there was a much more serious sign of worry on the faces of Erin’s siblings. In fact their usually dismissive self was not to be found. In their engorged sadistic rage they had failed to noticed that Erin was missing the previous night. The ladies slowly untied Erin’s Wife and gently placed her on a make shift carrying board. By the lack of movement they suspected nothing would be done to bring back life to Erin’s Bride.

One of the Ladies signaled Mr. Lockiebe.

Ist Lady Attendant
I do not think we can do anything more. Do you want we take her

Mr. Lockiebe
No it is ok. Bring her to my guest house and wait there for me. One of you go get the doctor and tell him to come no matter what he is doing. I want him here now!

Mr. Lockiebe’s wife was still standing exactly where she stood when he questioned her just moments before. She too was visibly frozen with fear.

Mr. Lockiebe
The rest of you spread out immediately and search the plantation for my son.

Mr. Lockiebe (then direct his next words to his wife)
And so help me God, if I do not get some answers soon, hell will not be the hottest place for you and your children. Yes, YOUR CHILDREN! And if any harm has come to my son, every man, woman and child that lifted a hand in this evil, will see vengeance as never imagined.

He walked passed his wife as if she no longer had any relationship with him what so ever. He went in to the house to get dressed. But even before he had completed his change of garments came a calling from outside

Ist Lady Attendant
Could you please come now

Mr. Lockiebe
I am coming now, did you find my son

Ist Lady Attendant
No Mr.
but it is important

Cue Mr. Lockiebe
walking down the stairs of the verandah of the plantation front door and into the yard following the pathway leading to the guest room.
He walks into the guest room. The Bride’s body lays motionless on the make shift stretcher.

Mr. Lockiebe
What is the urgency

Ist Lady Attendant
(Ask the other ladies standing by the body to move)
Please come close

Mr. Lockiebe (showing his impatience)
I do not have time for wasting my son is missing

Ist Lady Attendant
That is why we call you to come now

Mr. Lockiebe
Moves closer to the body and lower his head to her chest to detect any signs of life

Ist Lady Attendant
No Mr.

The 1st Lady Attendant slowly removes the veil from the Bride’s face

Mr. Lockiebe
What is the meaning of this!

Ist Lady Attendant
I tell you no lies
That is exactly what we saw

Mr. Lockiebe
Who is this
This is not my son’s wife!

Mr. Lockiebe (Quickly realizing what has happened acted swiftly) He spoke firmly but softly
Recover her face!
Arrange for burial quickly

Hellen Sheppard (Voice Over Spoken with a Caribbean accent)

It is said that Mr. Lockiebe quickly realized that his son and his son’s Bride must have discovered the plot against them to disrupt their evening and would have taken precautions earlier. By the time of the unveiling he suspected they would have been well on their way to escape. They could never have expected the level of brutality however. With the papers that had been issued earlier for Dale’s freedom it would make safer their journey. The poor girl having made the sacrifice of her life, I’m sure was not expecting to have paid with her life.

Still as he found herself losing her grip on this life, she may have felt her freedom, as it became known sometime later that she had long being brutalized by Erin’s older brothers as their sex slave. Erin and his wife’s cleaver escape and subsequent perilous journey took them across the Canadian border safely to parts, unknown, at the time.

It was that history that landed them in this place named after them. Erin DALE, Lockiebe.
This place shelters all those who would find themselves in flight from injustice as well as questionable justice. This place chooses its guest the guest do not chose this place. Its many secrets are held in protective pieces, held by each and everyone having been offered safe harbour. It is best you ask nothing of what Erindale Lockiebe holds and be grateful for what it offers.

Day 2 Wednesday 7:30 A.M

Camera Zooming in , we can see only the back profile of the character, coffee on the desk beside the keyboard
gender female, sitting at a desk in front of their computer typing.
we again hear the voice over voiced of the person tying

Zooming in to a Character sitting at home office computer typing
The desk area is littered with disorganized paper, books, documents of all kind leaving just enough space for the computer and the work being done. To the right of the writer is a roof to floor narrow in width, window shielded with roof to floor blinds. We hear very low in the background music being played on the speakers located on either side of the computer screen but not loud enough for us to not hear the narrative of what was being written.

We can see the title.
The Blue Rose (Voice over)
Yesterday as you stood in the doorway to greet me, one hand resting upright along the door’s frame, the other, held a tall stemmed crystal wine glass with an offering of my favorite merlot. The sunlight having arrived beyond the afternoon sky yet long before closing its eyes below the horizon highlighted your light grey oversized cotton shirt worn. Your shirt fitted you from shoulder to just below your hipline. The solitary garment worn, swayed ever so gently in the late evening breeze.

A delightfully invasive ray of sunlight made it easy to have seen that your shirt’s role of covering your native self, having revealed all that was treasured beneath was mischievously planned. The reflection of the red wine cascaded through the glass as fragments of light. The escaping light refracted as if from a prism illuminating your face and in your eyes I clearly saw our bodies coupled along our own horizon.
As I sit here writing memories of you on my computer, the virtual pages are getting literally wet.

Today I could taste my coffee long before it touched my lips. The aroma arrived with a sense of urgency having done so long before the command of ordering had even exited my lips. Today everything was alive; everything was pushing itself to the front of the line of my consciousness all fighting for my attention.
Today I feel my dream has awoken beside my body. Today I can feel the deep emotional and physical erotic imprints of last night’s guest. The remnants of their body’s sensuality still lingered, its presence intertwined in the hues of confused sentiments. I am feeling that in one night’s visit they traversed the entire landscape of my body. They traveled twice the distance my combined lifetime of lovers had ever ventured. I feel like my new world virginity was set free by every explorer this body had ever known. My north, east west and south now sits on one solitary axis thanks to your recalibration of me. I am lost knowing not what comes beyond the bottom of this blissful abyss finding me laying here at its base totally intoxicated and exposed for all to see. I am, body mind and soul, yours!
Today however I am going to make you mine.

Fade away from writing at desk 11; 00 A.M

Cue into THE BLUE ROSE doing final facial make up in the bathroom

ZOOM OUT OF BATHROOM to long view from across the street directly looking back at the front door of as the Blue Rose exits home.
The Blue Rose then g
ets into car parked on driveway the drives off towards the city. Arriving in the city The Blue Rose parks on a side street and gets out, walks towards main street.

Time Day 2 Wednesday
Afternoon The Blue R ose stands in front of a selection of Flowers

The Blue Rose stood in front of the container of blue roses positioned on the middle shelf of the three level floral displays. All three levels of shelving were adorned with carnations of various colours. While the bold golden colour roses on the top shelf, cast a shadow over the more delicate miniature red roses on the shelf below. Perhaps it was the mystique of the blue roses, perhaps it was the distraction of the traffic from across the street that gave cause for The Blue Rose to have turned and looked in the direction of the screaming of the taxi driver.


Mr. Carrington
[Voice Over]
Distracted as she was she had failed to notice that she had inadvertently stepped too close to the sidewalk’s edge, almost into the pathway of that lane’s oncoming traffic.

The blowing of the car’s horn and accompanying screaming of the taxi driver would turn out to be fate in sad abundance. Just at that moment, the object of her sweet distraction, her love at first sight, her Van Gogh, did turn and peered in the direction of the sound of the taxi driver’s indelicate warning.

Taxi Driver

….Lady move your ass away from the road!”

As if divine intervention ensured that their first line of sight was directly towards each other, from that distance, seemingly of only a whisper away, their eyes met.

If the lifetime that was previously one sixth of a minute that transpired upon first laying eyes upon this stunning object of her distraction, when compared, the two seconds of absolute zoned in focus, was to her, a body jolting, mind melting, heart explosive passionate, breath taking, unspoken blissful evolution of a species’ complete life cycle in time.

The time passed was more accurately two point five seconds exactly because that was the time it took the bus to cover the distance from where it dropped its last passenger to the very point that blocked her vision of the other side of the street. It was exactly two point five seconds because that is the time it took for her to taste the harsh and bitter sweetness of having lost that which she never had.

The bus, at its speed of travel, had only taken four seconds to cross her line of sight. Having crossed her line of sight, the other side of the street again visible, the passing bus which had vacuumed her into a momentary loss in time now continued on its journey. Gone however all evidence of her dream deity, Her love at first sight was replaced by an emptiness where once stood her Van Gogh.

There was simply nothing. It was all gone. The beautiful flowers, at first having lost their physical form, their identifiable shape in her eyes disappeared. The more she became laser focused onto the missing object of her very short lived dream lover, the faster it all melted into the void of sadness.

As her mind slowly recovered from it’s lost, her blurred vision of the now insignificant supporting roles played by the floral displays returned to focus. The void where once stood her vision of absolute bliss, dissipated and in its place returned the beautiful container of blue roses. It was only at that very instant she truly understood why she may have subconsciously chosen Van Gogh. This might have been his moment of painful reflection, now her moment of pained blissfulness of what might have been.

The Blue Rose (speaking to herself)
….I am with absolute certainty that was her

Just at that moment, the object of her search, her illusive bird in constant flight, was visible in the very same direction of the sound of the taxi driver’s indelicate words. As if divine intervention ensured that their first line of sight was directly towards each other, from that distance, seemingly of only a whisper away, their eyes met and The Blue Rose’s heart melted for but that very brief moment.

Wishing she had seen her before she herself might have been seen between the lifetime that transpired between first laying eyes upon the subject of her long search and the body jolting, mind melting, heart explosive unspoken blissful excitement of discovery.

The time passed was more accurately two point five seconds exactly because that was the time it took the bus to cover the distance from where it dropped its last passenger to the very point that blocked her vision of the other side of the street. It was exactly two point five seconds because that is the time it took for her to taste the harsh and bitter sweetness of having lost that which she has long been in search of.

The bus, at its speed of travel, had only taken four seconds to cross her line of sight. Having crossed her line of sight, the other side of the street again became visible, the passing bus which had vacuumed her into a momentary loss in time now continued on its journey. She felt herself retreating from sight the very thing that so interested her. As her mind slowly recovered from its hurried departure from view, she was able to stay out of sight and also regained control of her breathing. She had taken quick refuge inside the flower shop. She felt a certain clarity that she understood what it might have been like inside Van Gogh’s mind at the height of his frustration. Seeing such beauty yet unable to bring one’s self to be satiated with fully grasping its beauty. With a bouquet of beautiful Blue Roses in hand, she carefully flagged another taxi and was gone.


Debbie felt a certain clarity that she understood what it might have been like inside Van Gogh’s mind at the height of his frustration. Arriving at her destination, she stepped onto the roadway, this time most purposefully, carefree of what traffic would come her way, she smiled, for there will be lots to confess when next she would say,

…..Father forgive me for I have……..


THE BLUE ROSE exiting the taxi
Small Private Assisted living home

The Blue Rose is sitting in common visitors area with a young man of about same age./ The young man, while dress in clothing for going outside, is clearly not completely alert but is fully able to recognize The Blue Rose and have moderate communications. He is sitting in an upright chair but a Personal Support Worker (PSW) sits off to the side with an empty wheelchair.

The Blue Rose
Good Morning Jamie. I brought you your favourite.

Jamie (with a smallest of smile)
Thank you

Jamie I will take those and get them into some water and put them in your room. Ok

Ok that is nice

The Blue Rose
Today you are looking good and the staff informed me that soon you and I can go out for some day time visits.

I would like that. I think. Maybe only for a coffee then back

The Blue Rose (smiles)
Ok maybe just for a hour or two

Yes an hour

FADE to Dark

FADE IN Day 2 Wednesday 11:30 A.M
Tech Solutions Office
Cue on Simon at the Reception lounge

Phones are ringing, all stations are accounted for. Sandra is at her desk
working seems ok.
Inside Madison’s office, Madison on internal intercom, ringing at front desk

Yes, Mrs. C

Please very quietly, get Sandra to come and see me please but do
so without stressing her please.

Ok. Right away

Simon puts down the phone and walks, slowly but directly to Sandra’s desk and whispers to her
then returns to his desk

Just as quietly and without anyone noticing Sandra got up and casually walked into Madison’s office

Good morning Sandra

Good morning Mrs. Carrington

Thank you for being here today.
We are just inquiring as to how you are feeling today

I am going to be just fine. I had a moment but this too shall pass.

Ok Sandra no stress but as long as you are here you’ll never be alone and we want you
to know, you are a valued member of our family.

Yes Mrs. Carrington I will keep that in mind

Never mind as that bullshit about there is nothing to fear except fear itself
There is a lot of scary shit we have to deal with each and every day. At times I think fear is the very least of the things I have to fear. So don’t be afraid to walk in through that door at anytime. And even at the end of the day and if our office doors are closed, mine remains opened to any member of our team, 24/7

Sandra noticeably moved, watery eyes,

Thank you so very much Mrs. Carrington. I do truly feel very safe and welcomed here.

Ok. Could you do me a favour please. One second.

Madison picks up the phone and calls to the front

Simon picks ups
Yes Mrs. C

Sandra is going out to get some lunch for us. Get the others to place their order now

Mrs. C, you know we get free delivery

Yes, Sir and today we are making our own special pick up

Simon smiles
Yes Mrs. C.

Ok Sandra you go get yourself together, get some fresh air and get back on track by picking up the lunches

Sandra (smiling now)
Thank you so very much Mrs. Carrington

phones continues to ring and Simon picks up and seemingly very familiar with the Caller

Well good morning Princess! How are you?

Hesitation as he listens to caller’s response…..

Ok. One moment! Nice to hear from you again!

Simon then dials

Phone rings in Madison’s office

Yes Simon

It’s Princess~

Madison (hesitation )

Simon (detecting Mrs C’s hesitation)
Mrs. C, Never let the day control you, seize the day

Simon, get out of my dam head already. Ok fine. Give me a moment

Both are on the open line, Simon allow the phones to ring while he awaits Madison’s all clear

Ok put her through

Thank you, I will have an extra hot espresso for you in a moment

Hello Princess her line is now free

Phone rings in Madison’s office. Lots of trepidation can be seen in Madison’s expression

Hello Sweetheart

Ok Mom we need to talk, it’s been two days now

Ok Sweetheart I am all yours now


Street scene The Blue Rose walking towards the Club MONICO

Sitting inside the restaurant Debbie sitting with her back to the entrance of the restaurant.
She sits with her brother Erick having lunch and conversation

So how are you doing? Are you taking your medication properly?

I am fine. All good. How are you doing? Last time we talked you were in a breakup thing with someone

I am in transition, I am in a good place. If you must know I just came from confession

Erick (laughing out loudly)
Did you confess all your sins or just the ones you chose to share with them

Debbie (also smiling)
Actually I confessed to yours because mine were so uninteresting

As they each took potions of their lunch into their mouths a moment of reflection seemed to have quietly followed

So, do you still have your den of iniquity in the city?

It is my apartment for convenience of travel. You know my work makes it difficult to maintain the long hours and still manage the travel back and forth to work.

I am you sis, not your wife. You live at most 40 minutes out of the city, Please!

Well you just do not understand the late hours and the stress

At this moment, Erick notices a beautiful young lady walking in the restaurant. He was immediately taken to the fact that, in his view, she made direct eye contact with him.

Ok, I did not come here to fight with you. Always we end up with this sad departures let us not do that today please.

Erick (clearly distracted)
Yea, ok

Yea. Ok!! Really! You cannot even focus for a minute of lunch with your sis, without being distracted. You are a dam addict and you need to get that shit under control.

Erick (responding defensively)
Stop saying that. I am not an addict. I like people. So what’s wrong with that?

You’re right I’m sorry. Forget it. Let’s enjoy our lunch

But despite his words, Erick was in fact a creature of habit and could not deceive his sister with simply words when clearly his action reflected differently

Ok. Ok. I’m sorry. You are right. I am working on getting things under control.

Still as the words left his mouth, his eyes followed The Blue Rose as she took her seat in the far corner of the restaurant sitting directly behind and out of site of his sister Debbie

Erick (with facial expression reflection something of serious concern)
Deb. Last time we met I tried to tell you something but for whatever reason we just push it out of the way

Ya. You are always trying to bring up shit I do not want to talk about.

Ok. But this is just stuff that I am suppose to say. After all I am trying to do the very things you are busting me for, like dealing with issues and medication.

I want you to get better. I don’t give a shit about the past between us. I just need you to stay right.

I have long wanted to say….

But immediately Debbie responded

Don’t! Just Stop! We are going to have an enjoyable lunch and I will not allow him or you for that matter to ruin my lunch.


the home of a younger Erick and Debbie
Erick at age 11, Debbie at age 15.

Camera Zooms into the home through the front door. The home is poorly kept with evidence of uneaten meals still on the living room entertainment table. Clothing on the coach and as we moved towards the upstairs via the staircase we find Erick and Debbie’s Mother sitting up in bed. She has headphone in listening to something on her phone while television, with volume blares out some game show. She has a glass of wine in hand and on the night stand beside her bed sits three quarters emptied bottle of red wine.

Camera takes us back downstairs as their Dad comes from the kitchen area clearly drunk.

He stands five feet, eleven inches in height, a burly, unshaven, overweight man with long curly dark hair. Although his anger is familiar to both children, tonight he seems particularly possessed with rage. His rage emanates from his belief that someone having eaten his cherries from the fridge without his knowledge.

Which one of you shits took my cherries from the fridge?

Cue to earlier in that evening
We see Erick taking a container of Cherries from the Fridge
He walks to his sister’s Debbie’s room, sits on her bed and begin to eat and throw the pits in the garbage container at the side of her bed. He knows exactly what he is doing.

Debbie (arriving home)

Erick quickly puts the now empty container under Debbie’s bed as he leaves the room hurriedly

Debbie (Moves with some urgency to her pillows on her bed and lifts them up, carefully ensuring that Erick was gone. We see her facial expression with a sigh of relief as she puts back down the pillows without we ever seeing what was the cause for her concerns )

Cue to back to Raging Father
first walking into Erick’s Room then into Debbie’s

You little Bitch!

Debbie (whilst not unfamiliar with her dads wild and unsupported accusations, this time is shocked_)

Father (holding the trash container with the evidence of the pits of eaten cherries)

I did not eat your cherries

Erick standing off to the side, walks away and into his room.

Father Grabs Debbie by her hair and drags her to guess room off to the side of the living room with Debbie screaming

CUE to minutes after

Erick is seen at the door peeing in through the crack of the unclosed door.

Father, having secured Debbie’s hands to the Bed’s head rails, had stripped off her clothes and his belt in hand.

Erick watched on as

You little bitch should learn not to lie

As he straps her over and over on your naked skin.

At first Debbie screamed out from the pain. However as Erick still watched on, she went completely silent as his dad delivered the final six blows from his strap onto her body.

Erick rushed back to his room as he noticed his father untied Debbie’s hands from the Bed’s head rails, leaving her to fall to the floor in a crumpled heap of pain, bruised welted body and undignified shame.

Cue back to restaurant

There was a long uncomfortable pause as both Erick and Debbie continued to eat without speaking.
Debbie finally breaks the uncomfortable silence

Erick! Ok, listen. You know why I have never need to hear what you wanted to say?

No? I do not even think you know what I wanted to say!

Yes. I do. I have long known, you were at the door. I saw you.

Erick (shock and then embarrassment show on his face)
How did you know that is what…

Debbie does not allow him to complete his sentence

I have always known. At first I was filled with nothing but hate and rage for you. At first I wanted to hang you up by your ankles and do to you what he did to me.
There was a time I sat outside on the driveway with a knife in my hand, determined I was to cut his fucking throat then yours. Towards you those feelings went on for months. For him, I went through a period of time where I studied all kinds of poisons that would not be easily traceable and would seems like a heart attack

Was it your thinking of me that stopped you

Fuck you! No! I had my time when I saw both of you sharing the same coffin.

No shit!

Yes Erick! You were a fucking little shit. You eat the fucking cherries in my fucking room and as a direct result I went through years fucking hell. I went through a decade of treatment just to get mentally and emotionally well. And just so you know those fucking scares on my back while no longer showing as open wounds have never healed. I think they say it is ghost pains but I swear sometimes if someone touch me there when I am not expecting, it drags me right back to that night.

I never knew any of that. I just always wanted to say, that I was really sorry that I did that.

I think, what happened to you from that night and all the other fuckery that we went through really did mess with you in a seriously bad way.
My healing began with the thought of how this affected you in the early days but more so after I left the hospital.

How could the hospital have been of any serious help?

Fade out

Fade In
Back (to a 23 year old Debbie)

Scene opens up in a hospital patient’s private ICU bedroom where Erick is sitting
Erick is dialing a phone while sitting along with his mother in ICU hospital room)

Debbie’s cell phone rings

Debbie is sitting in a coffee shop having a cup of coffee and preoccupied with some lessons in the note books she was reading

Debbie (answers her cell phone)

Hey Sis. Mom and I are here with Dad. He taken to the emergency. They said he might have had a stroke or possibly a minor heart attack.

Debbie (responded as a matter a fact- like)

So what is it your guys want me to do about that?

Erick (has long being a poor manage of stress)
Ok I am going to let mom talk

No I don’t want…..

But Erick already handed his mother the phone before Debbie could complete her sentence and she was saying hello while Debbie was still talking

I don’ want to talk to her

Debbie’s Mother (was already saying…)
Hello Debbie

That little shit never listens

Debbie’s Mother (weaken tearful response)
Deb he may be dying. Please Deb. Please just come by. You do not even have to talk to him

Debbie (long pause on the phone)
Mom, I just do not want to be there. I am sorry he is sick but he has been sick many times before

Debbie’s Mother
Debs, please!

Yet another long pause between the two when Debbie finally breaks the silence

FINE! We exactly is he?

Debbie writes down some information as she continues listening to her mom on the call then disconnect without saying goodbye

Debbie (Voice Over in her head
From the time I hung up the phone with mom to arriving at the hospital, I was on auto pilot. Not certain which route I took getting here. I was between a kind of comatose state of an out of body experience and could not give a fuck numbness.

I woke up meandering down the long narrow hallway of a hospital ICU ward passing strangers as if they too were part of an estranged robotic clan. The anxiety that grab hold of me as I stood in the doorway of my father’s hospital room, seeing him with tubes coming out of seemingly, every orifice of his body, was causing me to have a sudden shortness in breathing. Erick, like the little dutiful son was on one side while Dad’s very loyal wife, doormat was on the other. And despite the poor prognosis of his health as I understood it to be, to me, Dad looked like he was still king shit with his two minions standing guard.

Debbie (acknowledging both her mother and brother)
Erick! Mom!

Hey Sis

Debbie’s Mother
Thank you for coming so very quickly

Debbie’s Mother (speaking to her husband)
Honey, look Debbie is here

Debbie’s Father turned slowing, first his shoulders towards the entrance where she had just entered the room followed by his head, moving even slower.
He had adjusted his head correctly enough to have made a more direct eye to eye contact with his Daughter

A nurse enters the room and signal that some fluids would have to replenished along with a surface changing of a bandage that held the special tubes into his chest area.

Debbie’s Mother
Nurse do you wish for us to leave

But before the attending nurse could answer Debbie’s Father responded

Debbie’s Father
No, please nurse, I want them to all stay.

Having received a smile of reassurance from the nurse that they could stay, he then uttered his first words to his daughter in some two years. It was two since they last laid eyes on each other, resulting of course from what was a less than amicable parting.

Debbie’s Father
Debbie I just want you to know I did the very best I could.

As the words were leaving his lips Debbie, while hearing the words, could not associate the words being spoken with being in that moment. Instead, with each word spoken, she felt the intensely sharp pain manifesting itself in a flashback memory.
It was as if what he was once able to do with the strength of his hands he was now repeating with his words being spoken.

“I truly did what I thought was best” Flash back to a15 year old Debbie, both hands bonded to the bedpost, stripped of her dignity, nakedness fully exposed

sometimes I made mistakes” the pain from his belt lashed once more across her back

there were times when you got me so upset” another strap marked its signature upon her nakedness

She could feel the rage from some place deeper than that of the grand canyon, deeper than hell itself, deeper than the satisfaction of his castration.

“But I know you understand and will find forgiveness…..”

The nurse’s words interrupted
Ok there we’ve done the fluids now the bandages.

As the nurse lifted the bandages showing the underside with the residual blood stains,

combined with her Dad’s continuance

“…find forgiveness in your…..”|

she found herself freed and suddenly standing upright. She remembered what it was that kept her strong during those times. It was the very, very vivid image of her standing upright, he was the one tied to the bed post. A knife in her right hand, his blooded testicles in her left and his blood soaked groin being the source of his extreme pain.

She awoke the moment his next words were spoken

….in your heart to be kind……

Debbie (lashing out angrily)
You fucking lying piece of shit. You fucking did not do the best you could. You were a fucking terrible father and a fucking worst husband. But she was the one that made you that fucking stupid promise for better or worst not fucking me.

You are a god dam sadistic piece of shit. You brutalize me, you assaulted me and now what! You fucking think that having a nurse and the rest of your fucking blind family here and you talking some made up shit you saw on television will bring you redemption. Or maybe you think it would protect you from me putting my fucking fist up your ass and watch your scream. I want you to burn in hell and then burn some more. I want you to fucking burn every night only to wake up finding that you are still fucking living and have to burn all over again you fucking no good incest loving fuck.

Debbie saw the nurse, very professional, yet she was certain the nurse showed her a sympathetic acknowledgement. Her mom was crying. Her brother had a stone cold face, lacking any signs of emotions.

Fade to DARK and remain dark

Erick’s voice is heard
Wake up Debs!
Debs, please wake up….

As the Darkness fades to cloudy
we see the image of the nurse, Debbie’s Mother and Erick all standing over Debbie

Debbie (awakes and inquires)
What happened?

We don’t know. One moment Dad is talking to you, the next you are on the floor passed out.

Debbie (angry with herself)
Fuck, not even that I could not do right

They all look at Debbie with the very same question on their mind but Erick vocalizes it

Sis what is it you could not do right?

I’ve got to go

The attending nurse (out of precaution responds )
…..Perhaps you should sit a while first

Thank you but trust me, I am fine now thanks

She turns and walks to exist the room but as she reaches the door she stops, turns and for the very first time in over two years, speaks to her dad

Dad, trust me, I do hope you outlive us all. Really, all of us! I hope you find the forgiveness you seek but know that even my dead dried out bones will never yield a word of it for you. Good luck.

Cue Back To Restaurant

Well I am ok. I have been listening to you.

Erick you are far from being ok. You are still in denial and that is not for me to solve. You need to do as much as you can for you. You are like the man who agrees with you but is not of a changed mind. Still that is why I stay, I want for us to just enjoy lunch.

So are you never going to see him again. Mom says you have not seen him since the hospital

And two years prior to that
Like I said, let us just enjoy lunch.

Ok, lunch then.

How is work going?


Just fine?

Now it is my turn to say, just let us enjoy lunch

Ok, you are correct. But what became of that issue of your co-worker? Did you find him?

Now. They said he committed suicide

But his body was never found

That is correct.

If you know anything at all, you would tell me right? You two seemed to have been such close friends at one time and after all you did get his job.

Erick (noticeable sensitive)
I wish people would stop saying that. I got a promotion to an open position. Yes it became available when he disappeared but I was not the only person considered for his position. It is been like five years and people still saying that.

I am not your enemy Erick, I am your sister. You need to remember that.

Yes I know I am sorry.

After all remember, you were the one that introduce him to me right here at this very club and again I met him at your little soiree at your den of little surprises.

Well that is like five years ago and I’ve told you everything.

Well that is a bold face lie but on this issue if you say so then I believe you.

A pause in conversation as they are interrupted by the waiter asking

Is everything ok?

We will have another glass of wine

(with the intent of saying no, did not_) instead an affirmative hand signal say, please do not!!


Erick (rather forcefully ignoring his sister’s protest directed at the Waiter)
Yes, what she said, PLEASE, more wine

Wine glasses renewed and filled the Waiter leaves

Well from one fucked up family member to another, I know that Carrio’s

Debbie stops suddenly then pauses for a moment

Debbie (suddenly remembering something important)
All through our conversation I was attempting to remember his name and then suddenly it comes to me
Like I was saying things can’t be easy for his folks.


Erick at Club Monico partying as he has done so many times earlier.
Erick was just a new employee at Ross and Hunter in the procurement department. He was partnered with a more experienced young up and coming, very intelligent junior purchasing representative named Carrio

Carrio had just been promoted to Director of Purchasing of Data processing and Technological Development

Carrio’s life history had long been a bit of a mystery however his work ethics at Ross and Hunter was exemplary thus he being tapped for pomotion by the new V.P of Purchasing, the outgoing Director of Purchasing, Walter.

Seating at the Ross and Hunter’s table at Club Monico were a number of executives both males and females in addition to a number of supportive staffers.

Carrio, let me buy you a shooter

No, I am already over my limit.

Erick, leave him alone he says he has had enough

Sis, why’ve you been such a buzz kill?

The music was on blast the crowd was clearly numbering way beyond the fire code allowable and most if not all were already well over their legal limits of alcohol consumption.

Ok, bro you are correct. After all this is your people not mine.

Sometime in that evening Erick makes an announcement

Ok all you guys, this party continues at my place, not far from here

There were a number of those accepting Erick’s invitation while the bosses, some hanging at the club a while longer, others called it an evening.

At Erick’s place, while well put together reflected more the college pad of a freshman with its huge throw pillows, large colourful candles and a poorly stocked refreshment area doubling as a bar.

As the night wore on with a variety of conversations helped along with a generous supply of herbal supplements for those wishing to smoke only a handful of portions remained

Debbie ( who had joined in at Erick’s)
Bro I am done. I’ve call a cab. See you later I am going downstairs to wait.

A couple of males volunteered to accompany Debbie as her security team ensuring her safety home via her taxi. Debbie did not refused

Ok you guys get home safely see you guys on Monday.

Erick was left in the company of Carrio who stated that he too would soon be off

Debbie (whispering in Erick’s ear before going out the door)
Be very careful what you are doing, that boy is clearly drunk

He will be fine, I will make certain he is safe

As the scene closes at 2:30 AM we see Debbie at the street level getting into the taxi with both her male body guards
As the taxi drives off the clock fast forward to 3:45 AM fading to dark inside Erick’s place we hear the soundtrack from the film Apocalypse Now, ride of the valkyries by Richard Wagner.


Cue back to restaurant
Erick having lunch with Debbie

Camera opens up behind The Blue Rose. The camera sees the world through her eyes slowing panning the restaurant’s audience

From where The Blue Rose sits she has a clear line of front profile of Erick’s right shoulder and face as he continue to have lunch with his sister Debbie. By their animated movements The Blue Rose can see they are in conversation.

Between where she sits and that of Erick’s seating on the far opposite side, is located the entrance to the club off to her left and a distance of about midway between them. The Blue Rose has purposely selected this section because it was out of the area of both male and female bathrooms which were located to her right and away from direct line of vision.

The main bar, one of three was also located directly opposite to the entrance and also to the right of where she was seated and before the bathrooms. A gentleman, a long lost familiar face to The Blue Rose enters the club in the company of two others, all here for the lunch time menu. Without explanation and while the hostess was preparing seating closer to Erick’s table, this gentleman turns and looks to his right.

The Blue Rose (Voice over)
“Of all the lunch joins in all the towns in all the world” why this one, why now, why today”

The Gentleman steers at her.

The Blue Rose (Voice over)
I backed myself in this corner for privacy now..

The Gentleman begins to take a slow investigative movement towards The Blue Rose. His face reflecting that of someone having seen a ghost.

The Blue Rose (Voice over)
I am fucked. Sitting here amounts to having now backed myself into my own coffin
Ok.. I’ll make it short. I am working undercover

Slowly the distance between her the Gentleman is closing…

The Blue Rose (Voice over)
That’s it, I am on a stake out and…

The Gentleman called out, gently at first. Almost questioning more than calling


The Blue Rose (Voice over)
Hello Jamie!!


The Blue Rose (with a finger to her lips indicating Silence please)
There is far too much to explain but trust that I will/
But you need to go NOW…please.. here

Taking out a pen quickly from her purse,

The Blue Rose
What is your number

Jamie tells her as she writes the number into the palm of her hand and quickly try to dismiss him with a sense of urgency that she herself made more so.

We all thought you were dead!!

The Blue Rose
I did die!
Please Jamie I promise you I will explain but right now my job is an undercover task.

I am hearing you but nothing is registering you know that right

The Blue Rose
Yes, I understand but trust me please. I will explain all but you need to go back to your friends right now


Jamie turns slowly, still looking back more than moving forward

Fade To Black Close Episode 4

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Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery"