FIDELITY~Sea 1, Ep 3, [Sandra].

Fade into EPISODE 3,
Wednesday, Day 2, 12:45 AM.
Camera zoom in on a booth seating a group of six

They are sitting inside the crowed Night Club MONICO, their voices being drowned out by the loud music. There are many emptied beer and wine bottles on the table. Seated among the six are Erick and his Female work assistant.

As Camera brings us within hearing distance of the six, we learn that the other two couples are representatives of two companies also dependant on the generosity of Erick’s approval for their firm’s continued business. For the first time we know the name of his Female Assistant, Jennifer.

Jennifer is wearing her very special, light in texture, evening jacket, that was a gift to her from her Dad, before his last tour of duty. It had an attractive blend of the colours Red, White and Blue representing her Dad’s love of the flag.

Erick. (directing his conversation to all at the table),
….Come on guys drink up, you are all drinking like a bunch of pussies

Erick then calls out,

A Male waiter, dressed in a black tuxedo bowtie and black tight shorts held in place by black suspenders, responds to Erick.

Male Waiter Number 1,
….Yes Mr. Walwynn.

…..Bring us another bottle of wine and two more beers. One of the beers spilt, hope you do not expect us to pay for that!
….And change these dam wine glasses.

Male Waiter Number 1
….Right away Mr Walwynn. I will also take care of the spilt beer.

Erick, quietly, signals the male sitting immediately to his left. He does so by reaching under the table and touching the thigh of the Male. Having gotten his attention, Erick leans in close and whispers to him.


Erick places a very small pouch, contenting a small amount of white power, into the hands of the Male, taking special care not to draw the attention of the others. In fact the power is the results of Erick having earlier crushed a few date rape tablets.

Erick quietly instructs the male and for the very first time we hear Erick references his Female assistant by Name:

.…Now I am going to take Jennifer to the dance floor and you put half of that in her beer and don’t fuck it up.

…But she is already getting drunk!

…..Listen stupid, I don’t need her drunk.. What the fuck is that going to
do for me. Just do what I say and everyone is happy.
…..And just so you are not confused, you can pick up your company’s Purchase Orders for this quarter from me in the parking lot before we leave.

(fully compliant and more importantly, exhibiting a full understanding of his role) responds,

…..Do not worry I’ll take care of it.

(most arrogantly) replies,
…I know you will.

Erick reaches over to Jennifer, sitting just beyond the female to his right and without asking, pulls her by the hand and moves towards the dance floor/

Male Waiter Number #1,

arrives some time after with Erick’s order and proceed to place them on the table.

… I will just pour Jennifer’s beer in her glass so we do not have to worry about the bottle spilling.

With all the distraction of the music and multiple conversations no one saw when he poured a quantity of the power from its pouch into Jennifer’s beer.

As if on cue, Erick’s return to the table was timed just shortly after the deed was done.

(responding to the Male he had given instructions to)
….She is not feeling much like dancing.
He then turns to Jennifer and requested…
….Jennifer get your beer, let’s have a toast to life.

Jennifer, showing visible signs of having had one too many drinks but clearly not beyond her understanding of what was being asked of her, did pick up her beer glass and along with the others.

…Here is to life, Cheers!!

Erick commanded to all,
….bottoms up~!

Jennifer proceeded to drink as if she could empty the glass without having to put it down.

Cue Camera to the group leaving the Club Monico,
group exiting the door to the parking area.

Jennifer is being partially guided and supported by Erick as he guides her towards his car.
He leads her to the front passenger door and opens the door.
Erick closes the door behind Jennifer and walks towards the rear of his car.

Erick drives a jaguar top of the line specially ordered deep blue in tone. While not much is known about Erick’s private life, everyone knows everything about his only visible, physical family, his Blue, top of the line Jaguar.
New Jaguar XJ: Tata’s luxury flagship.
Even a close proximity walk near his car would garner his attention and usually not in a good way.

Tonight however he allowed his MALE accomplice to come within touching distance of his car, to collect, as his reward, for his earlier clandestine act, the Purchase Orders for his Company.

Here you go! And that is how good business is conducted.

….Thank you very much Erick, good night.

Erick enters his car and drives off with Jennifer, leaving the others in the parking lot.

Camera cue in on Sandra’s apartment.

Sandra’s one bedroom, very nicely furnished unit, in on the 20th floor. She has a very beautiful night view of her city and its fast growing, big city skyline.
Although she sits alone, wearing a beautiful bathrobe, her robe is closed up as if in company of guest. With a glass of merlot in hand her feet close together are outstretched at a ninety degree angle onto the glass top table in front of her. On the table, sits an open bottle of Merlot accompanied by a floral decorated plate, containing a variety of sliced cheese and crackers. In the center of the plate sits a circular plastic bowl containing a variety of olives, sliced sundried tomatoes along with small pieces of garlic and hot peppers.

Sandra’s face shows the signs of someone who has been very tearful over the past hours. She is remembering her life from one night now passed two years ago.

“Night Club MONICO”,

Erick is sitting in a booth with new associates, laugher, loud music, lots of expired emptied bottles of beers and wine and several emptied shot glasses on the table in front of them. Seated in the booth accompanying Erick, are four males and three females of which Sandra is one.

…here you know what to do….

Erick, passing under the table out of site of others, a small package to one of his male associates, then invites Sandra, taking her by the hand leading her to the dance floor.

Camera Fades outwards from the dance floor,
showing the angle of walking backwards away from the dance floor towards the exit and out into the parking lot. Erick is seen placing Sandra in the passenger front seat of his car, walks towards the truck of his car, retrieves a folder and hands it to the very same male he had earlier handed the small package.

Cue in on Erick’s Apartment.
Erick’s apartment is a professionally designed unit. He has numerous paintings that adorn the walls and a fully stock bar, with hot and cold running water, complimented with no fewer than three fridges.

Sandra enters slowly into the apartment, completely awestruck with its elegance and noticeable impaired.

..please make yourself comfortable.

…I am just admiring your works of art.

…here give me your jacket, let me hang it up. Would you like something to drink.

..Thank you, some water will be fine thanks.

…Water! I mean something more fitting of your beauty.

…You are most generous. Ok I will have a glass of wine but only a small amount thanks.

Sandra polite acceptance of wine, was a result of her feeling just a bit, well not drunk but unclear as to how to describe what she felt. She knew her cognitive abilities were compromised.

..Here is your wine. Would you like something to eat with that?

Erick while handing Sandra the glass of wine took the opportunity to pass his free hand gently over her shoulders and down her side just slightly down along her buttocks. Sandra smiled with no protest.

…The wine is just fine thanks.

Sandra continued to move about slowly admiring the artifacts in Erick’s collection of paintings on the wall. There were also a few delicate China Vases on display along with a few bronze statues.

Erick breaks stride with Sandra and moves towards the bar area, picking up a remote control and within a few touches of the control, the lights in the room dimmed and music could be heard coming from the room off the hallway and just beyond the receiving area that they were standing in.

….Would you like to see the jewel of my collection?

Erick had made the statement fully anticipating how it would be received. And the response was not far from his expectations, making her response even more inviting to further the conversation.

…Does that line usually get a smile from your visitor?

….Actually why would anyone be bothered to see my etchings on the wall after having seen such quality out here!

Sandra expressed immediately just how impressed she was by Erick’s well timed cleaver response. Although Sandra was expressing her joy at Erick’s very impressive collection of art, she had to sit as she was beginning to feel the effects of too much alcohol or so she thought. So as she responded she moved to the single armchair and sat.

…Now that was very nicely stated and yes I would love to see the Jewel of your collection.

…Are you ok. Why don’t you get some water on your face. The bathroom is just along the hall there on your left.

…Thank you I will take your advice thanks. I will be right back.

Sandra got up and walked with her glass of wine towards the bathroom.

….Take your time. You will find fresh linen and a choice of bath robes if you wish to just take more time. Do whatever makes you happy.

Cue into Bathroom…,
We can see Sandra struggling in her attempts to keep herself from falling. Talking to herself….

Sandra, (Voice Over),
…Don’t screw this up. You need this job. You can do this, just don’t screw this up please. I am just going to throw this wine away and try to keep it together.

Cue Sandra Walks Into the Bedroom wearing a thin white cotton bathrobe.

….You are looking so very beautiful,

But even as Erick Spoke, Sandra was beginning to feel something ominous about her decision. Perhaps it was the prominence of the image of the marquis de sade, hanging over the king size bed. Perhaps it was the collection of miniature images all paying homage to the very same marquis de sade. It was all that, but so much more. The more was what she bravely asked about..,

…What is that structure hanging from the ceiling?

….That is so much more entertaining than its appearance. It has been designed for the absolute comfort of a gravity free relaxing state of being.

Sandra was not feeling an inability to put her words together but more concerning was her inability to form an intelligent question. It is as if she was slowly losing her ability to focus.

…Well considering you are feeling a bit tired why don’t I let you try it. If you do not like it we can have a safe word. Your safe word will be

“I’m ok”

The safe word seemed to be not intended to serve the purpose of a safe word but all Sandra could manage was…,

…that is more than one word.

But before he even responded, Erick had lowered the special stirrups, designed and specially reinforced to support a fully grown adult upwards of 300 lbs. It was designed to sit flush with the bed and be raised at various heights and angles from bed to ceiling.
The special contraption was designed with restraints, independently for both arms as well as both legs and of course control the body to be immobilized when fully secured.

Sandra found the music had increased in its volume, there was a peculiar sent of lilacs and her body was no longer in her control. She felt as if she was standing on its outside watching as it was being disrobed by Erick. She could feel her body being placed; face down into this large relaxing bed as promised by Erick. She was fighting between the feeling of trusting his words of relaxation and the feeling of anxiety slowing taking over her thoughts.

All at once she was face down, secured in this relaxing harness, arms and legs all immobilized, most of her back and buttocks fully exposed but a sense of sensual freedom could not be pushed away. So she decided, this may not be so bad, if only she could just relax.

She remembers seeing, that Erick, while removing his jacket and shirt was still with his pants fully in place.

…You only need to relax and enjoy this experience. I am going to teach you how to completely give yourself over to a higher power.

Sandra felt her head began to spin beyond her ability to stay in the room. While she could see the bed, the bed could be a mile away or just an inch away it was now unclear.

….I am going to begin with Lesson number one.

…..Less,…one,…. lessson..,

…No need to talk, just relax and enjoy the lesson.

Sandra unsure but thinks Erick had now removed his belt from his pants and was walking from side to side around her.
When suddenly, she felt the very first pain, as if she had been stabbed with a needle in the buttocks. In the midst of her confused displacement of thoughts, she thinks, she remembered what she has been told about the relationship, between the lightning and the thunder. First you hear the sound and then seconds later you will see the lightning.

This was different. At first she saw an extremely very bright light, then she thinks she heard the sound followed by the unspeakable pain.

….You need to breathe and not allow your body to tense up, or you will not get the true enjoyment of this.

Sandra did not have the time to breathe before the second lightning struck her body. Immediately followed was tears, uncontrollable tears. Again, she was having some extreme confusion. There remained but the slightest sense of sexual heightened feeling, but the pain. The absolutely intensity of the pain only brought her more confusion.

Erick, (completely unemotionally),
….I have told you, breathing is important and I find you are not allowing your body to relax. This is only going to take you longer to get to the point of your enjoyment.

Sandra still could not speak when a third, fourth, fifth and sixth strike came down on her buttocks hard and rapidly. In her combination of dazed reality and confusion as to why this was happening to her, she did have a moment of some clarity. Within her very best of efforts of trying to actually breathe she thought if she could catch her breath, she could then scream for help. She realized that the strange contraption that Erick has placed in her mouth and secured by a strap latched around her neck was in fact to prevent her from doing just that, no screaming.

….I can hear you working hard to breathe. Take this time to focus. I am going to count down from 10 and then we will begin again.

Sandra, unable to hold on to the fading remnants of control over the limited cognitive state of her mind, thought, if perhaps she held her breath that might in fact ease the impacting pain. So she counted mentally with Erick 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and hold….

……I just thought I would give you a bit more time to prepare yourself.

Sandra was thinking you fucking asshole….and then it came, she had been tricked. She had not held her breath. Again and again and again came the strikes.

….You are doing surprisingly well. Others have……,

And that is all Sandra could remember, that word, “Others”, Oh My God, she thought, I am going to die here.

She tried to plea for her life but all that came out of her mouth was a unrecognizable babble of sounds combined with tears.

Erick’s beating was relentless. He was visibly getting more excited with each strike onto Sandra’s exposed now very, bruised and redden body.

Sandra, somewhere in the back of her mind remembered the safe word. At that moment she realized, that tonight, with her mouth blocked she was not only tricked but she was going to die.

….Well you are doing very well. We are almost done with lesson number one.

All that Sandra could think in the midst of this horror, was perhaps if there was to be more, I would not die yet. The longer I can hold on perhaps the slight possibility that I will be able to live.
There was something else. The fog, the heavy fog that had previously clouded her mind, began to lift. Perhaps it was the last beer at the bar, which she had managed to share with one of the ladies without offending Erick, by keeping it secret. Perhaps it was just enough of the wine she had thrown down the drain in the bathroom.

Whatever the reason, She was beginning to feel her mental control coming back, but so too was her awareness of the pain’s intensity.

…ok this time we are going to do our final stage of lesson one by counting down from 10.

Sandra decided to do everything in her power to hold on to the pain and not make any sound as the sound seems to make Erick more determined to continue.

……8, 7,.6…5,

Sandra decided she will not be tricked by this fucking asshole again.


And again a strike harder than all others combined came smashing down on Sandra’s buttocks.

Sandra did not scream but she could not hold onto her dignity as she peed uncontrollably.

…Finally! You understand. All you needed to have done was to give in to my control ….,

Sandra immediately felt immense guilt. A guilt from her feeling relieve of her pain by just peeing and knowing she had tried so very hard, to have not shamed herself in that manner. She felt the guilt because it felt so good to have been able to relieved herself.

….Ok now your reward.

Erick began to kiss the buttocks of Sandra. He stopped and without reason left the room. When he returned, he had a towel and a bowl. He place the towel on Sandra’s buttocks and it was in fact more painful than the strikes. The sudden cold was like needles into Sandra’s body.

Sandra realized that despite the feelings of being in a mentally more controlled state of mind, she was still feeling as if she could faint and or pass out every couple minutes. She made the decision to do whatever she needed to do in order to live and get out of this horror if at all possible.

…Do you remember the safe word?

…shaking her head indicated yes.

….I am going to remove the mouth guard and you need to be calm.

….with the shaking of her head, yes!

Erick slowly removed the mouth guard seemingly uncertain as if trusting was something he could do…,

…So what is the safe word?

Sandra using her voice for the first time, unsure if in fact she could still find her voice, answered very softly. With more mental clarity having returned, she realized that there was no fucking safe word. What the fuck! She thought. I am nowhere near fucking ok.

…I’m ok

….great! So now I am going to remove the harness from you and we can move to the next lesson.

…I’m ok.

Erick then removed the harness and raised it back in place up above the bed.

He then proceeded to turn Sandra over unto her very painfully bruised and extremely sensitive backside and began to rape her. That is as close a word as she could accept in her mind and that was being extremely whitewashing what was happening to her body.

Adding to her final indignity, Eric began pointing to the small unique picture frames, that formed rows on the wall, on both sides of his bed head. The picture frames looked more like frames that are closed and must be opened to reveal the image inside, some had numbers other were without.

…You have managed to join a very exclusive group. Those having been able to release their inhibitions are represented here.

Sandra, all she could think was to repeat…
… I’m ok.

Erick opened one of the frames without numbers and then show Sandra, images of her nude fully exposed bruised body and full frontal while immobilized.

…this is yours and your special number.

Sandra had no idea when Erick had taken her nude images. Sandra finally began to hear the music that was being played all along. It was as if she had lost her ability, to hear anything outside that of her pain. She realized that the music playing, was that of the soundtrack from the Apocalypse Now, the ride of the Valkyries, by Richard Wagner. This had been from her childhood, a motivational piece for her. Tonight it was going to be her savior as Erick had his way with her.
There was nothing about love making in what Erick was doing. She felt she was the enemy being invaded by the fucking butchers but her day would come, she needed only to survive tonight.

Thursday, Day 3, 2:45 AM.
Camera moves slowly into Erick’s apartment.

Slowly moving from the front door toward the bedroom we can hear
the soundtrack from Apocalypse Now, “Ride of the Valkyries”, by Richard Wagner.

Camera moves along the hallway,
and into the bedroom where we see, Erick meticulously adding to his Framed collection, on the wall but no images can we see.

The camera then turns around,

and heads out of the bedroom and back into the hallway. We can hear the sounds of the shower running.

Camera moves inside the closed bathroom,
to the shower curtains that are drawn.

Beyond the shower curtains, there is a silhouette of a female taking a shower.

The camera moves beyond the privacy of the curtains,
and we see the badly beaten body of a female her hands up against the wall facing the shower, her face is hidden from the camera. Her hands are up against the wall more in an attempt to keep herself from falling.

The camera backs out of the bathroom,
returning to the hallway, slowing back into the receiving area. On the floor closest to the bar lays a light evening jacket having a very nice combination of Red and White Blue.

End of Episode 3.



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