Join us as a an active and or interactive part of our “FAST FICTION NIBBLETTS SERIES”

These are a combination of short stories that all have their own unique social politics while each also extends and invitation for your participation.

You may passively participate by simply reading and sharing.
You may actively participate by creating and becoming one of the characters in each of the inviting stories.

A) You will create your character and send us a full description and purpose of each.

B) You must find a perfect segway of interacting your character, nicely weaving them into the lives of our main character’s or the lives of any other associate characters (possibly written by others) in this story.

C) YOU CAN NOT, change the life, or direction of any of our or the lives of other writers main characters, ONLY THAT OF YOUR OWN.

D) as an example. You read that one of the main characters went into the dry cleaners to pick up their garments.

You segway that into, perhaps, your character once had an affair with the character picking up the cleaning, or perhaps shared room, schooling, etc…but by doing it properly, it will be YOUR STORY because the main character may or may never speak of it in our writing of their story.

E) Finally LETS HAVE SOME FUN….by submitting your section, (it could be sections at a time, but timelines must be respected.

ie) You can not have your character interacting with our main character in the 1950’s while it is stated that our character was born in the 1970's… (unless of course your story acknowledges that fact then deals with it accordingly so)


Here then are the list of stories already in the writing rooms

Proctor, Proctor, Johnson and Gamble

By Anthony H. ( B)and L, it Independent News
Updated 10:17 AM ET, Sat May 25, 2019
(It Independent)
Revisiting Proctor, Proctor, Johnson and Gamble

Satire (Inset Image shared from)
Real Men Stand Behind Their Women


This story follows the lives of two paramedics that faked their way into the profession via a series of unforeseen events.

They have NO medical or former training.
They do have night janitorial experiences having worked in various hospital environments for the past decade. They first met on a janitorial a job, later having formed a very good relationship. Circumstances brought them
together as ambulance drivers as
this story will disclose in its unfolding.


Most people when saying
“Father forgive me for I’ve sinned”
do not wish for their sins to be forgiven. They actually wish instead for the removal of their guilt of having enjoyed their sinful deed.
“I may look good in pink.” she said but “I don’t look good in heat” and with that one line of thought everything changed.

She had been dating for seemingly a life time, a wonderful man from an area of the world best known for its heat, its lovers of heat, its landscape’s vibrant colours, and its culinary delights all being served on a table rich in cultural history.
Reciprocally, in the view of her man, she was at times, indistinguishable from the mouth watering delights of his culture.


It is understood, in almost all traditional societies, that after surviving the unpredictable misgivings of puberty and the predictable transgressions of teenage indiscretions a young man’s coming of maturity, his Papillion, his release of all childish things, his final arrival is measured in his having accepted his role as husband, father, friend, forsaking all others for the preservation of his Fidelity!!!

Coming soon here our very best work to date.
Most importantly, you get to participate by writing sections or our story.
We will share the outline of what is to be and you will write your story inside of this fantastic story line to come.

July 21, 2014

In the year 2145, society has added many wonderful changes to enhance this living as well as their cultural interrelationships. Despite the many visible changes, many of our long known social ills have not changed.

Joshua is a 64 year old male, married with 3 grown independent children living away from home.

Joshua’s grandfather worked at Geddes Reichmann as a janitor and his son, Joshua’s father worked at Geddes Reichmann’s as a low level book keeping manager for his working life.

If I Had A Rocket Launcher

Ist Draft
Script Written by
Dan Griffin

Based on Story by
Anthony Huie
Dan Griffin


PAN bustling city streets.
The city is alive with energy as the
low of PEDESTRIANS are pumped through the streets.


SHOPPERS go about their business, oblivious of the people around them.

JOE NOBODY, 50’s, is standing in line to buy his groceries.



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