Tamara Gore@thenightstxlker

Life will not find me trapped at my desk stressing about death’s arrival
instead it will have to chase me across the globe most likely when
finding me having done so in company of death’s arrival,
finding me fighting for some cause that most would never have heard of
My name will be no more than dust in the wind not some script on
a headstone in a valiant place
I will not be the son, brother, the father not even the person
you all wished that I would have been but instead I will rest on the bosom
of knowledge knowing that finally I’m the only one I have long wanted to be
My kisses will be more passionate than love itself and more complete
than your life sentence
Upon my exit I will hang my ego at your doorway
for you to be reminded at each passing, you too have been trapped
in your walls of contentment soon to be your walls resentment

And when in the end this life has taken its leave
Still determined I will be that
Death will not find me trapped in its final resting place for I am the
the Spirit eternal and I will not be stressing about your heavenly
instead it will most likely arrive in the company of Hell Angels
finding me fighting for a heavenly cause that most
would never have heard of
My name now long forgotten, my dust long scattered
all memories of my existence long lost
and I would finally have arrived at that place
I have long been seeking, to be left alone in my peaceful existence
observing you struggle needlessly in your futile resistance
Give my love to all my friends ashore, the very ones
I’ve long loved and adore