Scott Umstattd @scott_umstattd

You are stronger than you act
and brighter than the darkness around you.
You are not beautiful but the source of all that is beautiful
Your are the gentle wind
The cool breeze
Though your dreams are often restless
They are the well into which the nightmares of all others disappears
Though your war chest shows empty
Many would pay a king’s ransom for your love
And while many have long been blind to your charity
They have been kept alive by the grace of your empathy
And when again night should fall
Finding you with yet another restless night
Be joyful in knowing your many restless nights
are the very guards that keep away the nightmares
of those never once stopping to see
your watery eyes,
Your tattered heart
Your weary soul
At times your lost of control
But tonight, rest my sweet soul
For tonight I will be your deepest of wells
into which you’ll rest your tired soul
Rest my love
Sleep as if your have never slept before
Tonight there will be no demons at your door


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