Death Of Babylon


My memories float peacefully over the bed that is my tired mind like the wind-blown leaves that rides comfortably upon the warm surface air radiating from the heat that forces your feet to retreat to the shelter of cooler places
And the thoughts of what it must have been like to roam freely on the endless plains of the long grasses invites the rich history of our ancestors bringing great smiles to our parched faces

As I walked over the clouds with the confidence of the many generations that once played joyfully in what is now just a faded line in the cradle of civilization, I am pained when witnessing the needless struggle to paint our bodies by removing its historical Bronze, its magical Black Ivory, its melodic Blues while irony is not lost on the killing of those bodies reflecting naturally no pigmentation
All in the name of one deity or another, all in the name of one idol or another, all in the name of those we’ve chosen to blame, all in the name of those puppet masters still playing that emancipation game

Yesterday I saw the future of today’s people and today I am desperately racing against a speeding clock to share with you the many roots of tomorrow’s evil
While the futility of precious time wasted in the justification of first world leaders’ sleepless nights troubled by their visions of the third world masses’ arrival
Needless you worry, their migration preordained from their roots in Babel and those who are not of that idol fear not your comfort long being on the backs of their horses you’ve been only the saddle

Politicians having not the courage will Trump up the cases for their demise while foot soldiers blinded by their perceptions of darkened horizons will spill blood all over the unjustified fears of split milk
And the changes will be swift the horizon will never again see another sunrise from the east cause the merging of the west will put all such privileges to rest
And the roots of change will be no different than it has always been and the sounds of the first nations will no longer come in songs and drums of culture but in the actions of structure
And the destruction of Babylon will signal the birth of the children of a new nation




Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery"

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