David Cearley as an outsider looking in, (not living in USA) many things I know are lost in translation to me; However one thing that is a pet peeve of mine is the term: “working class white folks”~
Just for the record, you in the USA do not have the monopoly on the usage of that terminology, you just happened to offer me this opportunity.

I have never understood why the distinction between that “Status” of workers and the very same “Status” of non-white working folks. Please understand, while I am not being apologetic, it is in no way meant as a tongue in cheek political statement. I truly am at a lost in translation as to why that statement would not be “working class folks”~

After all, it is not as if those non-white working class folks are more protected from the damages and or lost in those industries, nor are they being given any special advanced notice of the decline of those industries. It may even be arguable that in fact they are most damage by any negative losses in those affected industries.
Finally, each time I hear or read that statement, “Working Class White Folks” it conjures up two images.
A) non- write folks never did have those jobs
and or
B) now-white folks are not of the working class.
Again I do not profess to understand the root of the statement and that ignorance may have led me on a rather long distracted conversation.
Thank you

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