Danna Colman sadly it is my belief that that “The Art Of Kissing” has been lost in our modern hastily executed foreplay and much more sadly, lost on men in general. For (in my limited life’s experiences) Men, while enjoying kissing, sees kissing as a prelude to more intimacy than a conclusion to something less personal.

Of course having had no recognizable certification on the sociological and or physiological benefits; possible side effects, (arousal) Kissing in my humble view has always been the “SAFE ZONE” for women and the “FIRST BASE” for men.
Rightly or wrongly both sexes arrive at the point of kissing with a social indoctrination that places two very different set of demands and equally so responsibilities on the partners.
If a young lady wishes to maintain her social virginity, then she will find a way to kiss and let go at that.
It a young man wishes to improve on his social status, then he will find a way to build upon a kiss by convincing his CONQUEST to let go completely.

A gentleman on the other hand is expected to allow a lady to have her way with him but “STOPPING” her from going beyond the point at which she would be regretful come the next day. These men are like rare diamonds in a sea of well polished glass stones, extremely hard to find.

It has been my long personal policy, if you can not do it stone cold sober then it was not worth doing because when you are sober you will hold me responsible for not taking better care of you.
Sadly however there are many examples of women who take it as a game among themselves to tease men to a point of frustration and yes they should be labeled as dangerous to themselves and crudely put, “cock teasers”.

Then there are men who feel that any sign of affection is a direct signal to the bedroom and any outcome falling short of that must be a “Tease”.
Respect in dating has long lost its way and with the newer forms of social media, allowing for, what would have taken weeks if not months to become more social compatible, now takes a couple tweets, facetime or show me what you have before I’ve even seen you in person.



Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)

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