Creatures Of Habit~

We are all creatures of habits. The ones that slip away to take that tablet rolled up in paper and for some mysterious reason can only be ingested when lit at one end
The ones that take those extra trips to the kitchen when all others still hold a noticeable quantity of liquid in their drink
The ones that find reasons to justify the constant use of mouth wash yet never showing any dental malfunctions
The ones that take, always, those extra washes of the hands when germs are in fact not an issue

The ones, you know the ones, the ones just like you, that always knows what’s best to do but just have difficulties doing it for you

We are all creatures of habits
The ones who live perfectly normal lives with perfectly unaware wives yet with each cold touch and each poison word they kill all things innocent
The ones who live perfectly normal lives with perfectly unaware husbands yet with devilish eyes always smiling to disguise their truer intent of doing indecent
The ones that are devoted to their ritualistic weekly devotion in the waters of the blessed confessions, purified to again soil their clothing because they are creatures of habits
The ones that preach to the congregations, the ones that practices publicly what they never do privately

We are all creatures of habits
The ones we elect on promises of solid ground how they quickly build their excuses on shifting sands
The ones we select to correct the ones we elect how they quickly ignore those shifting sands for secret packages in hands
The ones that convinces us that those ones are not the real ones let us select these ones themselves running their own cons

The ones selling us on converting our selection plan to another land where shifting sands and dirty hands are not a part of the promise land
And a child ask one simply thing, what was the original master plan when once we were innocently in the womb
And the ones who greet us at the door caring not about ceiling or floor, destination upstairs or down as they place us in their very overpriced tomb.



Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery"

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