Columbus Was Never Here~

Anthony Cloe Huie
2 min readNov 12, 2016


The Man Guide

At times I feel like Columbus at sea
surrounded by those thinking we are lost
yet knowing exactly where I am, more importantly
knowing where I need to be

Sometimes I feel like a beggar with my
entire life exposed for all to see
being looked down on by the many passing by
yet knowing I am the one that is truly free

There are times I feel like kneeling to pray for the preacher
having tried in vain to save another lost soul
having traveled from Heaven to Hell
for souls not wanting to hear the words of yet another teacher

There are those seldom solitude when
alone having been a life giver
with watery eyes, humble heart, single thought,
love could be but life is never going to be forever

Those are the times I truly feel blessed to
have been here
Those are the times I truly feel, matters not
what others may say
Satisfied to know you care

And then there are times when the devil fills the vacancy
left wide opened by my complacency
And true innocence gets burned by the fractured thoughts of jealousy
And again I am fighting to get back on the long road to decency

Another long night of tossing and turning
awaking with the pain of my social hang over
Battered and bruised, broken spirited
my future rest in the margins between exhausting
and reflecting

And the Laws of attraction does not take into
account the Laws of Reality
Still I have the strongest law of all on my side,
the Law of Determination
setting aside haters and their negativity




Anthony Cloe Huie

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