Breathe The Air You Breathe~

With (imaged shared from) itsjustvick

I wana breathe the air you breathe
It is selfish I know but I need to be
that close to feel what it is you need
I wana be here for you
be it morning noon or night
but still selfish of me I know
while saying you need to be free
to do the things you feel are right

And then there’re times when I am
sitting right here next to you
so close that not even a thought
could pass through
but just as our conversation starts
it becomes clear we are still so very
far apart

There is simply no more time
for us to get this right
and we both realize things are
too far gone to measure the value
of one last night
I won’t let go if you promise
to hold on
I’ll swallow the bitter if you promise
to be strong
Still I think you should know
It is long pass midnight
and the DJ is saying it is time to go
by playing the closing song

I have never had much to call mine
you were the closest to offering
something of the kind
No amount of work, begging or
praying is going to save us
from the significance of loss time

If we could do this all over
just once more
Perhaps we would have no need
to seek the rescue of a shinning knight
had we only appreciated our
moonlit nights
If we could do this all over
just once more
with no reason to keep score
Perhaps we would have taken flight
Instead of the wasted time spent
with our endless fights


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