Chris B@scorpkris

Walked into the sunlight from the longest darkened night
I thought I saw you standing there against the paleness
of the bright
But soon my eyes adjusted not a sign you were ever alive

Pain in my heart says you’re light still shinning bright
How could I’ve been so blind not to have seen
your summer’s night
Now I am truly blinded by the cold winter morning’s light

Standing in the middle of an abandoned road to nowhere
Somewhere in the distance I can hear the bell tower
chimes its tears
You not being here only leaves a brave man with fears

The saddest of words do not compare to your silence
Yet a thousand words I’ve spoken none to which
you’ve ever responded
And still I am unable our vows to be considered broken

You have found your peace without me whilst I
still continue to struggle to find my place inside your
memories about me
And gone to a better place does not set me free


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