Black Faces Do Not Have A Monopoly On Poverty Nor Its un-faulted Shame~!

Zach Guinta @zach_guinta

I declare if I have to watch one more
missionary story
about the heavenly glory
and you and I making it better
for the many faces in this God Forsaken
land of debauchery
The swollen bellies on the blackest of faces
framed with nice words guilting us about our
social responsibilities

I declare just one more story
immediately chasing
another of Nature’s temper tantrums
The global dispersing of charity born Angels
from your charity built Institutions
beating on your donations drums
Sheppard self-righteously declared
savors of all those very, Black, Black,
Blackest of babies but just not Haiti’s

The world it seems have long maintained
that Haiti was to be punished
for their declaration of self glory
some time just beyond the 1780’s
Now finally those voices who
have long refuses
the respect of the humanities
have found their newly self-declared
global leader
in the one approaching their 80’s

But I digress from the story of
those having no meals
Black Faces
Do Not Have A Monopoly
On Poverty Nor Its Shame.
Dick Gregory’s “one of the very first in line,
when in the southern Christmas Turkey line
was not the Black Face of poverty
but the White face of humanity.”

Those having never once voted
being purposefully dunce
or just too wasted
you were without care
cause you understood
it matter not because come the day after
you would still have excess food to declare
you were never ever going to be in need of care
having no need of what they had to offer
because your privileged lives would never
be seated in front of the empty
dinning room platter
now suddenly finding yourself
your long lost Saviour

You’ve found the courage to express
your lost of what has always
been faulted hope
And now you’re the experts
at all things political
Your century old non-caring
attitudes have awoken
now spouting century old
political wish list to bring back
the dead sea scrolls
to re-enlist them to your wish list
to re-enlist them to your whip list

Awaken from your century old ya-sah
finding your century old ma-sahs
no va a pasar
Ain’t going to happen
Poverty was never a
Black vs White Poverty
it was always going to be
many faces of humanity


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