I am appreciative of you taking the time to share your views. I am with the writer that confesses to having limited knowledge of the root of your discontent and yet having some empathy for your overall sentiment.
I have long called my self “A Wana-be-writer” and here I have been greeted with a modest amount of acceptance and appreciation.
I show a list of followers that numbers just 209 and that arrived after what seemed an eternity.
I, like you, have not a clue as to what impact that number of followers have on what I write next. Reason being, I consider myself a “Gender Free Writer” who have been blessed with an opportunity to express the feelings of the millions that have been silenced by circumstances, (ie political, abusive relationships, lack of access etc) and or the many other unknown reasons obstructing their chances of expression.

I view my followers as someone loving (or liking) one of my content and choose to express that will as a “Follow” but not always finding my other pieces to their liking. So the way I have seen this is that of the 500+ pieces that I have written and shared, slightly less than one half have been liked, loved and or supported by others.
When I think of things in that manner then I think I have been blessed and is very rich in support. I will share this with you.
Many years past as a younger political activist, while protesting outside of large hotel in the city, I noticed at the base of the underground driveway, a house-care worker, (those cleaning the rooms) in full uniform. She was clearly signaling to me her support for our protest but dared not have shown her face in fear of being dismissed.

I have learned a lot from that day. It is not those that show their visible public support that is most effected by what we do, (what you write) instead it is most often those unable to have penned their names to the very issues that they are in support of that is your greatest of supporters. Write in the silence of response knowing that your words are being greeted with the highest of regards.
And I support you~




Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery" https://twitter.com/dropoutgorgeous

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