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And when in my passing a tear should come to your eye
Please continue to see me in all the old familiar places
Exchange your stories good and bad hearing mine amongst all the old familiar voices
Dance with the joy of my presence and when in drinking take that extra sip to steady yourself
should in case my quick appearance vanishes just as quickly as the memory that brought me
And in your laughter take an extra deep breath to remind yourself that should I never again laugh as loudly you’ll still be hearing the echoes of my joy upon the warm breeze
And in the quieting of your mind I hope you’ll continue to think of me kind
And may the blessings that flow in your daily prayers always reward you with that glow that says, ours was just a short time but now in my passing there will be time enough to say all the things unsaid

Share your dreams at this time and not await to share with me later instead
For in this time my journey has just begun
And having just learned from one life just how precious time is from when it first begun
My memories will be my gift to you
As the beautiful light I now see
Is signaling my spiritual life awaits me
So with you, I will be here until the end of this song

Remember you can breathe oxygen for no man
Live your lives as if in my passing you’ve been given one last song
Sing joyously hearing my voice in all the old places
And if per chance you awake to find my voice, my laughter, my memories and or my
appearances ceases
It is then you’ll know my work with you is done and it will soon become your turn to share onto another this message
You’ll find me in all the new places when we meet again.


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