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Block The Doors, Lock us in~

With all the noise echoed by the newest (45th) Presidential Office of the USA, it has become easy to drown out the growing, deadly silence of ‘Self Annihilation” of a people. For example we often trumpet the glorious statistics of Japan’s low immigration policies in direct relationship to their lowest crime rates, (which in fact is a false conclusion) when in search of our analogies for refuting the many benefits of an openly non discriminatory immigration policy. However we either do not know or knowingly ignore one equally damming fact, that is that Japan also boast the highest average aged population of the western world’s comparisons on growth and ageing.

While many will point out Japan’s very tightly controlled immigration policies they will just as easily fail to mention that Japan’s migration of its people, 1(“ The Japanese diaspora, and its individual members known as nikkei”) are to be found in almost every other nation around the globe, where they have all been welcomed.

It is estimated that at Japan’s present rate of ageing their society will be in serious social and economic dilemma in a matter of short decades as to how to support a catastrophic imbalance of their over aged population.

A story that is now more pressing to those whose business it is to be aware of these things, is one that very little is known about and even when mentioned, it is next to impossible to hear over the loud sounding rhetoric of our present “Block The Door’s Lock Us In” mentality.

Did you know:
*“the birth rate in the U.S. to be 16 percent below the amount needed to replace our population over time”

And when coupled with:
*[“More American women are dying of pregnancy-related complications than any other developed country. Only in the U.S. has the rate of women who die been rising.”]”

Here are the headlines you need to consider before picking up your next picket signs about Blocking the doors and locking yourself in>

*[“Giving birth in the U.S. is exceedingly expensive”
*[“The U.S. has no national mandate for paid parental leave”
*[“Child care can cost as much as rent”
*[“Wages have remained nearly stagnant for 40 years”
*[“We are struggling to make ends meet even before having children” *[“We’re disillusioned and burned out”

The fact is present aggressive demands of immigration will not solve the many issues of lowering birth rates. A non racially charged immigration policy and more specifically, an immigration policy will. An immigration policy that understands the very reason why the historical behaviour of Royalty marrying INTO THEIR OWN had seriously deadly consequences and why that behaviour has long been changed. Even in rural areas of many nations around the globe, they have long learned the value of marring someone from, if not one then more than a pre-established number of villages away.

Sooner than later the USA will understand that in fact, they are NOT THE WORLD they are no different than all other nations, they are only one village inside of our wonderful global community.

For more of this story on the seriousness of declining birthrates and the above identified reasons, take some time and read, Ms. Amanda O’s well written article on this issue. *

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1”(sourced from)Japanese diaspora — Wikipedia @Anthony2019mdh30Vibes (insert image of headline shared from) Janko Ferlič@thepootphotographer

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