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There can be nothing more sorrowful than losing someone and them not having said goodbye~
Them not having shared that very precious moment to set things right in your soul, to make you whole
Nothing more sorrowful than to know they knew all along, the month, the week, the day that hour
And still never a signal from their many towers
And still not even a warning flag, A white flag of surrender, just the nothingness, the silence, the emptiness of not knowing
Could I rest my head on your shoulder just once more
Could I cry a tear as if you were still here and with it, wash away all my fears
Perhaps a tearful forgiveness for all the things I could never change
It’s as if we were both gone, you in your direction and me lost along the pathway of mine

Gold and Silver with so many precious earthly gems and time its seems being the most valued of all things was never shown to me its truth
For time when gone like the wind once blown will never this way return
And unlike all other earthly belongings, time cannot be hugged, cannot be touch, cannot be owned
Its only value was to be found in your presence
My arms lay weary having sought your essence in vain~
My heart is broken lacking the tangible substance of your memories, just pain

Fading away~
I am so afraid that this too will soon be gone
I struggle each and every day
Yet I fear like you I will arrive just one moment too late and all memories would have blown away
And once again I will be alone
No you
No memories of you
Nothing with which to ease my pain of knowing, I know not why you are no longer here

I have taken all my prayers, even the ones I did not say
I have taken all my pain
I have taken all my sorrow
I have wrapped them along with my memories of you
And before all is lost to me forever
I am now again sharing them with you
I love you
May your forgiveness of my selfishness be heavenly heard
May my self-confessed, self-absorbed failures in my faith be blown away by the wind of your Angel’s wings
Peacefully I can rest, knowing all is well in my soul


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