A Conversation With My Abuser~

Priscilla Du Preez@priscilladupreez

There are times I want to hold you and have your melt in my arms
There are times I want to hold you and bend you over my knees
There are those times when all I think about is to love and adore
Still there are the times I want you begging helplessly, please, please, please
while naked on the floor
And the rage in me gets overwhelming
The fire burns in places from which there is no return
It is then I think of my mother
It is then I think of my father
It is then I think of what they have done to me
Sentencing me to a life from which I’ll never be free

The medicine men have advised
The medicine women have been wise
None have been cleaver
I know this because my rage goes on seemingly forever
I have even called to the Gods in whom I have never believed
I have called upon the ghost of those whose spirits now passes
as the breeze
And although, my parents, I have not the desires to become them
You have instilled in me their memories I should not shun them
Now I am calling out to you, help me please, please, please
before I kill everyone with your abusive disease