It is understood, in almost all traditional societies, that after surviving the unpredictable misgivings of puberty and the predictable transgressions of teenage indiscretions a young man’s coming into maturity, his Papillion, his release of all childish things, his final arrival is measured in his having accepted his role as…

Fade in EIPODE 3 [ Sandra ]
Wednesday Day 2 12:45 AM

A very crowed “Night Club MONICO” loud music as we zoom in on a booth seating a group of six. There are many emptied beer and wine bottles on the table.
Seated among the six…

Joice Kelly

And sometimes when you cut me
I bleed nothing at all
And sometimes when you cut me
I bleed less than the simplest fall
And sometimes when you cut me
I bleed so very badly
Nothing of us I can recall

And then there are the memories
songs of the willow in early fall
The taste of sugar
when having eaten nothing at all
And then there are the friends long gone
their voices now too many to recall
And then sadly there’re no words
to prevent this tragic fall

And then I am so very alone
finally understanding
the meaning of being in a room
full of faces as if all unknown
not one to ease this emptiness
not one face upon which I can call
And now I wonder
was I ever here at all


© Anthony Cloe Huie 2022

Priscilla Du Preez

Love is but an empty cup
patiently waiting to be filled
It never stirs
should it be caught
position wrongly favoured
when the pouring begins

Love is but a half filled cup
graciously accepting of its
constantly its passion
to be the half filled though struggles with its emptiness

Love is a cup overflowing
protective even of its inability
to comfort one more drop
Jealousy even when invisible
remains strongly evident
in the cup of Love’s insatiability

© Anthony Cloe Huie 2022

Though I walk
through the Valley
of the shadow of death
I fear no evil
For thou art with me
But I do feel fear
I can no longer feel you near
You have not
been felt in the Valley
for the longest of times
Those who walk
in the shadow of death
have all been abandoned
we’ve had it wrong all along
Perhaps you have never tested us
Perhaps it is we
who have always felt the need
to test you
And now
your patience has found sleep
the Valley is no longer the place
to conquer our fears
It is now
the birthplace of our tears
Good Soldiers


Dec 25th 2021

This bitter sweet festive season
comes with the memories
of yesterday, tomorrow
the reality of today
There will always be
that one empty chair
reminding us of the precious soul
no longer here
Equally so to make clear
the joys we must pleasantly share
since the birth of this Pandemic
we no longer need an excuse
not to be there
So very few the quality days
we have remain
seated in our familiar chair
We are slowly learning
best to enjoy the meal
lesser the need to complain
For soon will come the day
when it is our empty chair
the many guest now stare

Have yourself a most wonderful, safe and enjoyable Christmas day. And if you do not celebrate this season them please have a safe and most fruitful day.

Anthony Cloe Huie

Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery"

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