Richard Horvath

I don’t want to be here
when this day ends
I don’t want to leave
but I can’t stay
I can’t do it
I can’t face the Broken Dreams
of another day
awake I’ll stay
allowing one day to bleed
seamlessly into another
one unbroken
continuously broken dream

I don’t want to be here
but I’m going to stay
I just don’t care
Why’s everybody so afraid
of speaking the truth
all so afraid of the demons
hiding in the shade
Making everybody’s so afraid
speaking their minds
as if it would suddenly
find you completely out of time
I don’t want to be here
but at least I still breathe air


You brought me home to your heart
locked the door
and then
you left me there in the dark
in it’s sadness
in the loneliness with the promise that
we would never again be apart.

And yet each day I look to see
if there is a light coming from the crack of the door
when once again you would appear.
And how I’ve looked with hope
looked in faith
looked and looked but there’s no one there.
Perhaps life has simply placed you in a different state of affairs.

Suddenly it became clear
I am the one being waited upon

Fade in EIPODE 4

The camera is showing historically relevant action and images of a slave plantation as the story below is being narrated.

Hellen Sheppard
(Voice Over Spoken with a Caribbean accent)

There are lots of stories being told about our little county of Erindale Lockiebe but none to be exact as only our ancestors know its truth. During the times when slavery produced more economically than the combined revenues of mining, shipping and manufacturing of all goods sold, not all white people were at peace in their hearts with the cruelty and or the inhumanity. Not all…

I am the darkness that dimmed your light
I am the cold that dampened your warmth
I am the past that cancelled your future
I am the river having ran dry in your rainy season

I am the thirst that knows no quenching
I am cupid’s arrow broken
I am the destination forever distanced
I am the truth that must forever remain unspoken

I am the sorrow that stole your joy
I am uncertainty overshadowing your bright horizon
I am the numbing that silenced your voice
The reality robbing you of all choice

I am defeat from the mouth of…

Ramille Soares


“And sometimes on abandoned shores
we find ourselves
not because at first set adrift
nor deaf to the calling of well wishers
not because we seek the solitude
of loneliness
not even the idealistic
indulgence in search of spiritual

And sometimes on abandoned shores
we find ourselves
because it is only here
our minds can finally rest
free of their persistence request
no longer the need to answer
their relentless
soul sapping
question of

And it is only in this moment
our creativity can be free
to express itself creatively
bringing light to the very discoveries
you once failed to see.
This is me~”

Today get out there be you what ever form that may be.

Vanessa Bumbeers

The pendulum swings from left to right
and as sure as this day will lead to night
I will be standing on your doorstep
at the first sign of light

And your friends will talk
about the things they know not
They’ll pretend they’ve got a
burning desire to do you right
but we both know first sign of a fight
your back
will top the list of things they forgot.

So greet me now or greet me later
Shameless are true friends
caring not of your haters
As the pendulum swings from left to right
I will be standing on your doorstep
when dusk becomes night

Because I am your dream
refusing to let go~


photo: MetArt

Your love dances on the tip of my tongue
like a fine wine that swirls its Aroma
its Flavor
its Ambiance
its Buoyancy
its Familiarity.

Its everything is alive
but I dare not swallow
for if I do I fear
I’ll not have you
for tomorrow.


Sydney Sims

You’ve been my joy
my bitter pain
but at the end of the day
I’ve only myself to blame
When you told me
you could be violent
I saw it as a challenge
to prove to you my tenacity
Laying here now on the floor
rip from stem to stern
fear has gotten me silent
I could head to the door
but that would only
reflect poorly on my humanity
If I did nothing to help
the other in line
as my replacement

Today I will stand up
Today I will stop praying
Today the bag over my head
will become the one…

Aman Shrivastava

A new day and the news broadcaster
confirms another disaster
The prisoners are on their knees
Calling heavenly father guide us
a way from strief and tribulation
And the Devil struggles
to keep up with the pastor
having to now beg his holy father

“Spare their religious leaders
cause hell is beginning to freeze over
With me having to be their blessed redeemer”

And the cold, cold ground gives up its dead
Long gone now are all evidence
of the cold, cold stone
that once marked their heads
And Spirits lost meandering in the past
Can finally rest at last.


Anthony Cloe Huie

Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery"

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