Ali Soltani

Once we were all there needed to be
the golden freedom
at the end of the rainbow
There we were
being all we could be
Once we were the ever after
the happy ending

Then time came without invitation
time went, taking away innocence
Now we are out of time
and nothing seems to make sense
Even our broken hearts
didn’t seem to last

Sit yourself down
your traumatized
and I don’t even know where to begin
Wishing I could just snap
a finger or two to…

Fade in EIPODE 3 [ Sandra ]
Wednesday Day 2 12:45 AM

A very crowed “Night Club MONICO” loud music as we zoom in on a booth seating a group of six. There are many emptied beer and wine bottles on the table.
Seated among the six are Erick and his Female assistant.

As the conversations open we learn that the other two couples are representatives of two companies also dependant on the generosity of Erick’s approval for their firm’s continued business. For the first time we know the name of his Female Assistant, Jennifer…

(For all who have ever loved and lost)

When you have swept clean all memories of us from the life behind and still you have missed sweet droplets of memories in the corners of your mind

Though I can feel your need not to be unkind it remains a bittersweet pain each time you speak of our love when easily off your tongue you speak my name

But now, down too deep to be treading water for the comfort of those who fear my drowning and too far up to take safe coverage from the thunderstorms that are sure…

I know I said if it takes forever
I will wait for you
but I never thought you would arrive
just before the closing of my coffin
It was not my intent
to meet you next in heaven
There were so many, many things
So much we did not do
lost for the sake of me waiting for you~


Jailam Rashad

I want to sway in the wind
letting the coastal breeze like your arms
hold me as I gently sway back and forth
and my soul’s responsibility in life would be
to breathe
And I think this is freedom
and my spirit smiles in agreement~


Behind every step taken
there is a purpose unknown
Behind every corner
a mystery to unfold
Behind every thought
a guiding light
to a question unanswered

Behind every error
lays and opportunity to change
Behind every harsh word
thrown at you is attached
the key to forgiveness
or the knife of retaliation
but with all such things
there is a third option
two well placed words!
— — — —,,,,,,— — — — —
bend over for no one!


“I do not belief in death
but I know it will eventually find me”
And when it does
it will be the longest day in life
For if death is within the circle of life
and if in life
we awake from one day to find another
then no one on the day of their death
has yet returned to continue another
thus death becomes the longest day in life
and with it comes the endless list
of the many wasted days of pointless fights
Today a minister spoke
“Death”, he said, “is an opportunity
to reflect on the value of life”
Today begins my celebration of my
second life~!


Ashley Byrd@byrdman85

I am slowly losing my existence
in time as my once beautiful lines
of latitude and longitude are quickly
by the ravages of life

There are so many love stories
in each and every moment
of each passing day
So many moments of joy
and the pain of knowing
there are so many more
that soon will no longer be
here to stay

The falling leaves
The song birds
The children at play
The whispering winds
that blows your way
So many, many love stories
in each and every day
I am only saddened to know
that soon, I too will no longer
be here to stay.


A poem

Asdrubal luna@infectedluna

between the lilacs
and the rose
just beyond the daffodils
and the morning glory
Look closely around the roots of the honeybloom tree guarded
by a ring of violets
And you will see
a faint outline
of Venus

If you lived
as many sunrises
as you could possibly have and if the sun itself
had risen
at just the correct angle
in the sky
you would have seen
your once in a lifetime view
of Mother Nature's
The wild one The precious one
The rebellious princess
The one who roams
the lines
of forgiveness
and that

Anthony Cloe Huie

Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery"

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